15 September 2023

In 2023, campsite reservations through Q-Book experienced a significant upswing

Q-Book Team
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Campsite bookings via Q-Book Bookng System weren't just climbing In 2023 - they were practically mountaineering! Our alliance with campsite OTA's was all about arming them with the the tools to reel in those adventurous customers. From sprucing up booking pages to mastering the art of showcasing pitches, we've got it down!

And hey, ever heard of Pitchup.com, Campsites.co.uk, Airbnb, or Hipcamp.com? We've linked our partner campsites to these giants. This ensures their availability and rates are in the spotlight.

And the icing on the tent? (See what we did there?) Campsites have been streaming to us, eager for us to look after their campsite website from a mere £10 a month. This allows them to keep their pages fresh and zesty. Plus, with many diving into the blogosphere, which we seamlessly attach to their sites, their search engine mojo gets a nice little boost, driving even more bookings their way.