Booking Software for Hotels

Are you looking for booking software for your Hotel or Bed and Breakfast? If so, Q-Book may be the answer you've been looking for all along. Hotel booking software from Q-Book provides an all-in-one, user-friendly solution that you can trust. Q-Book works hard to contribute towards direct, commission-free online bookings for your accommodation. As our booking process is straightforward for browsers to use, there is no need for anybody to deviate from your website.

With software to excite and entice your guests such as Special Offers, Promotional Codes & Gift Vouchers; they really can stay put on your website and not sleepwalk/browse to OTA channels. For your Hotel or Bed and Breakfast, this means plenty of commission-free, direct bookings!

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Booking Software for Hotels

Who can resist a Special Offer?

Q-Book, our booking software enables you to create Special Offers for your guests. Special Offers encourage browsers to book directly through your website, commission-free, reducing unnecessary outgoings.

Promo Codes - putting the 'pro' in the promotion!

Promotional Codes are a simple, yet effective way to secure more direct bookings. An incentive for your guests will encourage more direct, commission-free booking activity!

Gift Vouchers - extra income!

Build Gift Vouchers within Q-Book which display directly on your website. Totally flexible, free and another way to create commission-free income for your Hotel or Bed and Breakfast.

Special Offers for your Guests

Research (and common sense) has shown that browsers who feel rewarded are more likely to make an online booking. If browsers/guests feel like they can bag a great deal, that's only applicable when booking directly, committing and purchasing is much more likely; instead of wandering off to OTA's. Q-Books Special Offers platform enables you to design and create Special Offers to help entice guests. With flexible software, you can design Special Offers to your liking. You choose dates & rooms the Special Offer applies too, and Q-Book alters the price accordingly for the guest.

Promotional Codes

What better way to encourage bookings than with a Promotional Code? A simple word, phrase or combination of numbers and letters that contributes to commission-free income - awesome! Q-Book Promotional Codes are the perfect fit for any marketing campaign. Engage with new audiences, welcome back guests that have stayed before or reward the direct booker. You name it, there's a suitable Promotional Code for every scenario. Q-Books Reporting platform can help you select the audience you are trying to target; those who have stayed before, future bookings and cancelled bookings.

Gift Vouchers for your Website

Gift Voucher software is often expensive and usually, in addition to the cost that you pay to your existing booking software provider; not the case with Q-Book! Within Q-Book, you can compose Gift Vouchers ready to be sold via your website; a brilliant tool to help contribute towards extra income. Gift Vouchers can be personalised with your content; images, description & logo. Over time, we have seen Q-Bookers create and experiment with all kinds of ideas, including Spa Breaks, Experience days, Restaurant meals and, Golf packages to name but a few. Within Q-Book, there is also the option to sell a monetary amount as a Gift Voucher which can be gifted and redeemed at a later date; just perfect for a special occasion. As soon as a Gift Voucher is purchased, you are notified immediately via email and payment is generated.

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