Booking Software for Small Hotels

Do you run a small hotel? Do you want Online Booking Software that supports you and your business and offers complete peace of mind? Of course, you do! Irrespective of how many rooms you have, Q-Book is the perfect fit for your hotel. The answer you've been looking for all along, right under your nose. Hotel Online Booking Software from Q-Book provides a complete, user-friendly solution that you can trust and no doubt love! If you're currently using Online Booking Software that you're not happy with, migrating to Q-Book is seamless.

We'll make sure changing to Q-Book is a change for the better and one that you won't regret. Soon enough, you'll be part of the family and wonder why you didn't do this ages ago! Q-Book works hard to see your small hotel reap the rewards of direct, commission-free bookings. We love to see your hotel succeed and want to help you reduce OTA dependency. However, when you generate third-party bookings via Q-Book's Channel Manager, Q-Book will not charge a premium, unlike many of our competitors. Q-Book is brimming with excellent features designed to encourage guest booking activity whilst managing your reservations. To mention but a few, these include Special Offers, Promotional Codes & beautifully designed software. For your small hotel, we're all about seeing your direct, commission-free bookings sky-rocket! Let's do this!

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Special Offers. Our Speciality!

Q-Book's Special Offers encourage browsers to book directly via your Website. This process is commission-free and secures direct revenue! Big wins for your small hotel!

Gift Vouchers. Gift your way to success!

Q-Book's flexible and free of charge answer to commission-free income for your small hotel! Did we mention they look amazing?

Beautiful Booking Software.

We don't mean to blow our own trumpet but, Q-Book does look the part! Browsers can often get distracted by clunky booking software - not the case here!

Special guests are happy guests :)

Rewarding the direct booker; the oldest trick in the book! A straightforward and highly effective method to encourage direct booking activity - simple! Customers who feel they are getting a better deal when booking via your Website are more likely to make an online booking. If browsers/guests feel like they can secure a great price, that's only available when booking directly - a purchase becomes increasingly more likely. Keeping guests on your Website is paramount. And, deterring them from OTA's is a must! A Special Offer has a force that acts like a magnet which draws guests to your Website and makes it difficult to leave! Q-Book's Special Offers platform enables you to design and create Special Offers to help entice guests. Direct bookings equate to more commission-free revenue for your small hotel. Your commission-free income is massively imperative to the success of your accommodation. With flexible software, you can design Special Offers that will do just this. You create Special Offers within Q-Book, which immediately display on your Website. Guests can see the original price and the new discounted price. By comparison, the guest can see clearly, that they are making a saving. Winner!

Get gifty and thrifty!

Gift Vouchers! An excellent way to gift a flexible stay or monetary value for a friend or loved one. For you, this is another contribution to extra revenue. WIN-WIN! Gift Voucher software can often be pricy and usually an additional expense to your existing Online Booking Software. Traditionally, you have to invest to some degree to gain extra income but, our Gift Voucher Software is free of charge to use, you'll be pleased to know! Within Q-Book, you may compose Gift Vouchers ready to be sold via your Website. Another piece of game-changing technology from Q-Book, designed to support your small hotel. Gift Vouchers can be personalised with your business content; images, description & logo. Personalised Gift Vouchers are in keeping with the theme of your business and ooze professionalism. Your guests will love them and, we can't wait to see you succeed! You can get to work on all manner of ideas such as Spa Breaks, Afternoon Tea, Restaurant meals and, Golf packages (to name but a few). When one of your lovely guests purchase a Gift Voucher, you are notified immediately via email and payment is generated. The sale of the Voucher is updated within Q-Book reports - smooth!

Too beautiful not to book!

Have you ever had the overwhelming desire to getaway? Can you imagine the excitement only to be disappointed by clunky, user-unfriendly Online Booking Software? The problem is real! Nothing your customers will ever experience if you use Q-Book for your small hotel. Q-Book promotes guest engagement and makes Online Booking a walk in the park. Our Q-Book team thrives off your direct booking, commission-free success! So much so, we've designed the Online Booking front-end so that guests have no excuse to leave and book elsewhere. If browsers experience awkward technology, they are more likely to drift off to an OTA and book! Unbeknownst to them is the 15-20% invisible commission price tag attached! Ouch! So, let's make sure they stay put! On your small hotel Website! Q-book, jam-packed with luring techniques to help direct bookings soar and guarantee happy hoteliers! Special Offers, Promotions, Gift Vouchers with the bonus of responsive, beautifully and thoughtfully designed technology. What's not to love? Happy Q-Booking!

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