Booking Software for Cottages

If you're searching for a booking system for your cottage website, consider Q-Book. Our all-in-one cottage booking software offers a simple and dependable solution for your accommodation needs. Q-Book is dedicated to driving commission-free online bookings directly to your website, with an easy-to-use booking process for guests. There's no need for visitors to leave your website, as our user-friendly platform makes booking seamless and convenient.

Keep your guests engaged and on your website with exciting features like special offers, promotional codes, and gift vouchers. By offering these incentives, you can reduce the likelihood of guests browsing away to online travel agencies (OTAs) and instead secure more commission-free, direct bookings for your hotel or bed and breakfast. With Q-Book, you can give your guests a reason to book directly with you and enjoy a seamless, enjoyable experience.


The premium version of Q-Book comes loaded with all the advanced features and functionalities. Additionally, it offers free integration with popular platforms such as Booking.com, Stripe, Expedia, Airbnb, Google and many more, giving you a comprehensive solution for managing your online booking and payment processes. With Q-Book Premium, you can enjoy the convenience of seamless connectivity with your preferred channels, making your life easier and boosting your business.
Example 5 rooms B&B £28.00 + VAT per month (no contracts)
One off non refundable enrolment fee of £99.00 + VAT.
Full UK Telephone Support

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Easy to move over: We can import your bookings for you.

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Q. At Q-Book, will I be able to speak with a friendly human?
A. Definitely! Our team is made up of real people, not robots. We're a friendly and helpful bunch!

Q. Can you import existing bookings?
A. It depends on your current system. However, we can import from most - we're certainly happy to try! Migrating is easy!

Booking Software for Cottages

Who could turn down a tantalizing special offer?

With Q-Book booking software, you have the ability to design and implement special offers for your guests. These offers incentivize visitors to book directly on your website, bypassing any commission fees, and help you save on costs. Take advantage of this feature to drive more direct bookings and increase your revenue.

Promo Codes - Elevating Your Promotions to the Next Level!

Promo codes offer a simple yet powerful way to increase your direct bookings. By offering incentives to your guests, you can drive more direct bookings and reduce the need for commission-based bookings for your cottages. With promo codes, you can create special promotions that incentivize guests to book directly through your website. This helps you to save on costs and grow your business.

Gift Vouchers - A Boost to Your Earnings!

Create and display gift vouchers directly on your website with the Q-Book system. With the flexibility to customize, this feature is completely free and provides another way to increase commission-free revenue for your cottages. Utilize the power of gift vouchers to expand your offerings and drive more direct bookings.

Overview Page

Overview Page & Messages

Save time and plan ahead

Shows you who's Arriving, Departing, Staying & Who's Booked on any date using the date picker.
View how many guests are due to depart on a particular day. Very useful to organise housekeeping staff, rotas and smooth changeover days.
View bookings generated today, yesterday, or two weeks ago (you get the idea) - to keep your eye on the ball!
From here you can: Check-in/check-out guests. Print/Email invoices. Add guests to regular clients. View and add booking notes. View and add additional services.

Q-Book Calendar
Q-Book Calendar


Use the tools to adjust the view & create your own colour scheme

Q-Book’s “drag & drop” functionality makes life easy and gives you an excellent experience when adding, moving, swapping or modifying bookings. The intuitive controls just make it clear, displaying the changes to your booking details in real-time as you move and adjust bookings as if it were a piece of cake.

Customise your emails
Q-Book Email Manager

Customise your emails

Easy to add or change your emails

Customise your emails for booking, pre-arrival and post-stay. You can create and schedule emails to remind customers to re-book the following year. Excellent for marketing and driving direct revenue.

Booking Details Page
Setting up your rooms are so easy

Adding images and videos to your rooms

Q-Book is easy for all types - Hotels, B&B's, Tipi's & Touring, Yurts, Shepherds Huts, Treehouses & Cabins

From here, you'll build your rooms and enhance them with descriptive text plus images and videos. You'll include details such as occupancy options & restrictions and general information about your rooms. Q-Book is very flexible with any type of accommodation.

Photo Gallery
Images & PDf's

Photo Gallery

Store up to 300 images

Upload your images & PDf's to your personal gallery where you can then hand pick individual images for each room, you can add the images you require to your website and the UK National Reservation Platform, you can edit the images, rotate, re-size, crop or just re-order the images using drag and drop, easy!

Gift Vouchers
One click to convert

Convert cancelled booking’s into Vouchers

Retain deposit payments

Convert cancelled booking deposits/payments into Voucher’s – A simple & effective way to retain deposit payments.

We have now added an option on the guest booking details page, where you can click to automatically convert any payment that has been made to the booking into a voucher for future use.

This will allow your guest to re-book on your website, in their own time and automatically receive the deduction of the amount they have already paid – meaning that you can hold on to their payment and make less refunds!

Special Offers
It’s as easy as pie

Special Offers

Seconds to setup a special offer

Q-Book’s special offers page, it’s as easy as pie!

Option 1 - Make a simple reduction over a set period in either £ or %

Option 2 - Set offers such as package offers over a set period. For example – 3 for 2 nights – 2nd night half price – Spa Weekend – Dinner bed & breakfast – Valentines Package, etc. You can set the full rate amount for the offer, for example – £200 for 2 nights Dinner bed & breakfast.


Free awesome welcome platform App for your guests's

Q-Guest. Inviting, flawless and integral to your accommodation

Coming soon - Our Free guest welcome platform App for your guests's that collects all your accommodations content (best bits and need-to-knows) in a good-looking and easily accessible format. Engaging, informative and user-friendly; a virtual reception for your guest's.

Stay Connected & Chat with guest's via your Free Digital Welcome App. The power of good communication. A tried and tested hospitality trait with a twist of game-changing technology.

Q-Guest Welcome App - More Info

Special Deals for Your Visitors

Studies and practical experience have demonstrated that visitors who feel rewarded are more likely to make a booking online. By offering exclusive deals only available through direct bookings, you can entice visitors to commit and make a purchase, rather than searching for better offers through online travel agencies (OTA). Q-Book's Special Offers platform gives you the ability to create and design customized offers to appeal to your guests. With flexible software, you can select the dates and rooms that the offer applies to, and Q-Book automatically adjusts the price for the visitor. Give your guests a reason to book directly with you, and watch your revenue grow..

Advertising Codes

Encourage bookings and increase commission-free income with the power of Promotional Codes. These simple words, phrases, or combinations of numbers and letters can be a game-changer for your marketing campaigns. Whether you want to reach new audiences, welcome back repeat guests, or reward those who book directly, there's a Promotional Code for every situation. With Q-Book's reporting platform, you can easily target your desired audience, whether it's past guests, future bookings, or cancelled bookings. Get creative and start boosting your bookings today with Q-Book's Promotional Codes.

Enhance Your Website with Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a great way to increase revenue and provide a unique gift option for your guests. With Q-Book, you can easily create and display Gift Vouchers directly on your website, offering an extra stream of commission-free income. The software is flexible and customizable, allowing you to tailor the Gift Vouchers to your specific needs and preferences. Give your guests the gift of a memorable stay, and boost your bottom line with Q-Book's Gift Voucher solution.

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