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Hey there, friend! It sounds like you're in the market for a Channel Manager that plays nice with Cottages.com. We get it - running an accommodation business is tough work, and managing bookings can be a real headache. But fear not, because our Channel Manager is here to save the day (and your sanity)!

Whether you're running a hotel, B&B, guest house, cottage, apartment, lodge, campsite, or caravan, our Channel Manager has got you covered. It seamlessly manages your bookings, updates availability in real-time, and even works behind the scenes without charging you a penny of commission. We're not like those exes who always want more from you. We're the cool friend who's always got your back.

And we understand that you're busy - that's why our Channel Manager lets you amend rates, update availability, and receive bookings on the go. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket, but without the coffee runs. And speaking of friends, we don't believe in charging you twice for a booking. You've already paid the OTA their cut, so why should we take more? We're not like those frenemies who say they're your friend but still try to steal your lunch money.

So, let us take the hassle out of managing your bookings. With our Channel Manager, you can focus on what really matters - providing your guests with an unforgettable experience. After all, that's what it's all about, right? So, stay savvy and sign up for our Channel Manager today. We'll be the friend you never knew you needed, and your bookings will be in safe hands.

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Channel Manager Cottages.com

Zero commission - now and always!

Bookings stressing you out? Chillax! Q-Book's got your back! With our Channel Manager and Cottages.com integration, generating bookings is a piece of cake. No more juggling flamingos and watermelons. Your bookings will land right in your Q-Book diary and all channels will update lickety-split. Plus, we won't charge you a single penny of commission. You keep the credit, we keep the drama-free friendship. Win-win!

Not as full as you'd like to be?

Hey there, Cottages.com user! Want to make sure you're always booked up and never left with unwanted availability? Well, have no fear, because Q-Book is here to save the day! With our Channel Manager, you can instantly decrease your rates and fill up your cottages quicker than a kangaroo on a trampoline. No more empty rooms, no more wasted space. It's like a game of Tetris, but with bookings instead of blocks. So if you want to make sure your cottages are always in demand, sign up for Q-Book's Channel Manager today. Your wallet (and your guests) will thank you!

Automatic deposits

Hey there, cottage connoisseurs! Tired of charging everyone the same amount and missing out on the opportunity to make more dough? Well, Q-Book's got you covered! With our Channel Manager, you can choose how much to charge your Cottages.com guests at the point of booking, like a boss. It's like being a bartender, but instead of mixing drinks, you're mixing prices. So if you want to shake things up and make more money, sign up for Q-Book's Channel Manager today and start customizing your prices like a pro.

Are you paying commission twice?

Hey there, fellow cottage enthusiasts! Are you tired of feeling like you're being charged twice for every booking you generate through Cottages.com? We hear you, and we think it's just not right. While other Channel Managers might try to sneak in an extra fee, we at Q-Book are all about transparency and fairness. We won't charge you a single penny of commission, no matter how many bookings you generate from Cottages.com or any other OTA. We know that every booking counts, and we're here to support your success without putting a bee in your bonnet. So why not join the good vibes club and sign up for Q-Book's Channel Manager today? No unexpected bills, just pure booking bliss.

Empty rooms are unhappy rooms :(

Howdy! Are your rooms feeling a bit down and lonely? Don't worry, we've got your back! Instead of letting those empty rooms wallow in sadness, try making a rate adjustment via the Channel Manager. By lowering your rates, you'll attract more bookings and have a happy, bustling property in no time! And who doesn't love a good deal? Don't just wait for the weekends to roll around, mid-week can be just as hopping with a little bit of creativity and discounting. Let's banish those low occupancy blues together!

Automatic Payments. Get paid quickly with auto technology!

Collect payments, automatically, from Cottages.com bookings via the Channel Manager. Decide how much you want to charge the guest and remain in full control of deposits and outstanding balances. If you prefer to charge different amounts to different OTA's - that's perfectly fine too! One amount for Cottages.com and something different for Booking.com - it's your choice. If your guest decides they want to make payment with cash or use an alternative credit card, you can easily update this information within Q-Book so that your Reports are bang up to date. Alternatively, you still have the option to process transactions manually through our Payment Gateways (Sage & Stripe). Everything is super easy for both you and your guests, so no need to worry! Relax and let our auto processes take the stress away for you.

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