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Are you in need of a Channel Manager that integrates with Expedia for your accommodation? Our Channel Manager is suitable for Hotels, B&B's, Guest Houses, Cottages, Apartments, Lodges, Campsites & Caravans - you name it! Whatever your offering, our Channel Manager will seamlessly manage your bookings for you! Q-Books Channel Manager works in real-time and updates availability instantly.

Within Q-Book, you'll amend rates, update availability and receive bookings on the go; rest assured everything is updated! Our Channel Manager works away in the background without charging you a penny of commission. We class our Q-Bookers as friends and therefore, don't believe in charging you twice for a booking! You have already paid the OTA their bit, what's the point of paying twice?? Stay savvy!

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Channel Manager Expedia

Zero commission - now and always!

Simple. You generate bookings, which land in your Q-Book diary and, all channels are instantly updated. The booking belongs to you and, we won't charge you a penny of commission for it :)

Not as full as you'd like to be?

You can instantly decrease your Expedia Rates so that you can fill up more quickly and make sure that you don't have unwanted, leftover availability!

Automatic deposits

Choose how much you want to charge your Expedia guests at the point of booking. This amount can differ from other OTA's and direct website bookings.

Are you paying commission twice?

Regardless of how many bookings you generate from Expedia (or anywhere else), we will not charge you a penny in commission! Expedia take their fee, as do many other OTA's (fair doos) but, why do some Channel Managers insist on a charge too? In a nutshell, when a Channel Manager charges for OTA bookings - you are getting stung twice! Ouch! We can't speak for how other organisations roll but, it's not anything you'll experience here, it's just not our thing! No middleman fees now and forever! Our business ethics are fair, transparent and won't put a bee in your bonnet! Generate as many bookings as possible without an unexpected bill at the end of the month. Your success genuinely matters to us - good vibes only!

Empty rooms are unhappy rooms :(

Nearly the weekend and, you still have too much availability left! Yikes! You need to fix this and fast! The quickest and easiest way to resolve this is to make a rate adjustment via the Channel Manager. If you reduce the rate, soon enough you should see a flurry of bookings within your Q-Book Calendar. Bookers like a bargain! And, can you blame them? The price-driven browser will soon gravitate to your newly discounted rates and hopefully, make a booking, reducing those empty rooms! Hooray, the weekend is saved! Phew! A discount/revised rate is usually enough to tempt browsers who were already considering making the booking in the first place. This tactic is not exclusive to the weekend! Mid-week looking quiet? You can do the same and reduce rates, create special offers or whatever it takes to banish low occupancy!

Automatic Payments. Get paid quickly with auto technology!

Collect payments, automatically, from Expedia bookings via the Channel Manager. Decide how much you want to charge the guest and remain in full control of deposits and outstanding balances. If you prefer to charge different amounts to different OTA's - that's perfectly fine too! One amount for Expedia and something different for Booking.com - it's your choice. If your guest decides they want to make payment with cash or use an alternative credit card, you can easily update this information within Q-Book so that your Reports are bang up to date. Alternatively, you still have the option to process transactions manually through our Payment Gateways (Sage & Stripe). Everything is super easy for both you and your guests, so no need to worry! Relax and let our auto processes take the stress away for you.

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