FAQ's Booking Software for Self-Catering


Q. Can you import existing bookings?
A. It depends on your current self-catering system. However, we can import from most - we're certainly happy to try! Migrating is easy!

Q. Does migration affect existing bookings?
A. No. Your bookings will stay the same.

Q. How long does it take to go live?
A. As soon as you are ready. Our training session and booking import will speed up the process.

Q. Will I speak to a friendly human at Q-Book about self-catering?
A. Yes! We're a bunch of good eggs! No robots here!

Q-Book & your Property

Q. How much does Q-Book self-catering cost?
A. It depends on how many bedrooms you have. Use our price calculator to get an accurate price click here to see pricing.

Q. Will I be tied into a contract? And is there a notice period?
A. No. You're free to come and go as you please. But! We hope you stay and we're sure you will :)

Q. How much is it to connect my self-catering to Booking.com, Expedia, Google, Cottages.com, Airbnb, VRBO, Agoda, Tripadvisor?
A. Not a sausage! All integrations are free of charge. Connect away!

Q. Which integrations do you have?
A. Booking.com, Expedia, Google, Airbnb, Cottages.com, VRBO, Agoda, Tripadvisor plus many more.

Q. Do you charge commission?
A. Absolutely not! You already pay OTA's - we don't believe paying twice is fair.

Q. What is Hotels.uk.com?
A. Extra advertising, commission-free bookings and your new best friend.

Q. Will you help me to set up Q-Book?
A. Yes. We'll book a training session and show you the ropes :) We're always on hand if you need us.


Q. Can Q-Book take automatic payments for my self-catering?
A. Yes! We can automate deposits and balances straight to your bank.

Q. I already have a Stripe account, can I use this to take guest payments?
A. Yes. Q-Book will connect to your existing Stripe account.

Q. Can you link to my existing merchant e.g. Worldpay, Elavon?
A. Yes! We need your merchant ID Numbers for MOTO and E-commerce.

Q. How much do you charge for payments?
A. £3.00+VAT PCM & 10p per Stripe transaction or 25p for merchant transaction.

Q. Can I send a payment link to my customers?
A. Yes. Once payment is made, you'll receive confirmation and the balance will be automatically updated within the booking.

Q. I only accept bank transfers, can I still take bookings?
A. Yes, no problem.

Q-Book Features

Q. Will Q-Book manage all my self-catering bookings?
A. Yes. By connecting to the Channel Manager all your bookings will filter into the Q-Book diary.

Q. Do I manage all my prices within Q-Book?
A. Yes. All rates are managed through Q-Book. No need to manage multiple rate plans and diaries.

Q. Can I see who's arriving, departing and staying over on any day of the week?
A. Of course! From the overview screen, you can quickly see who's arriving, departing and staying over on any day of the week. From here, you can easily view special requests, notes and outstanding balances to be paid on arrival. Also, you can check-in/check-out clients, email or print invoices - saving time rather than going into each booking individually.

Q. Can I customise the emails?
A. Absolutely! Customise your emails for bookings, pre-arrival and post-stay. You can create and schedule emails to inform customers about their access code(s) or to re-book the following year.

Q. Can I take a mandatory security deposit at the point of booking?
A. Yes. For each booking, a security deposit of your choosing will apply. Whether it's £200 or 20% of the booking value.

Q. Can I easily refund the security deposit at a later date?
A. Assuming you're happy to issue a refund, you can return the security deposit straight back to your guest(s) after their stay.

Q. Can I charge per person or per stay?
A. Either, whatever floats your boat! You can charge a set cost per stay irrespective of occupancy but not exceeding max occupancy. Or charge per guest. If you do it this way, the total cost will inflate for every extra guest added to the booking.

Q. Can I offer different length stays for self-catering?
A. Yep! You can build 2, 3, 4, or 7-night stays (or whatever you like). Whatever you build within Q-Book will translate onto the booking page. Your guests will be able to see what lengths of stay you offer and make their pick from there.

Q. Can I have different pricing for longer and shorter stays?
A. Yes. You simply divide the full stay price between the length of stay.

Q. Can I override my base/seasonal rates?
A. Sure. You can increase or decrease your self-catering prices whenever you like. Perfect for special events and school holidays.

Q. Can I have a cut-off time for same-day bookings?
A. Yes! Based on the time you set, Q-Book will close off all remaining availability and will update all connected OTA's. For instance, if you don't want to take same-day bookings after 6.00 PM, you'll specify this within Q-Book settings and job's a good 'un! Change your mind? No problem! You can always reverse this feature.

Q. Can I set up special offers to reward direct bookers?
A. Yes! You can use special offers & promotions to incentivise direct bookings. It's also a great shout to include these within your marketing strategy. Don't panic - we'll show you how!

Q. Can I sell Gift Vouchers for my self-catering?
A. Yes. Create monetary vouchers or build and customise tailored vouchers, for example, three-night dinner bed and breakfast.

Q. Can I restrict the days my guests can arrive/depart?
A. Yep! Only want Saturday arrivals? No problem! Especially important for self-catering properties.

Q. Can I set up different rateplans?
A. yeah, sure. You can set up room-only, none refundable, includes breakfast - whatever you like!

Q. Can I take walk-in bookings?
A. Yes it's easy to add a manual booking to Q-Book.

Q. Can I close availability when my self-catering property is closed?
A. Yes! Just pick a start and end date.

Q. Can I charge a different price on a Saturday than the rest of the week?
A. Yes! You are in full control of your prices daily and seasonally.

Q. And can I charge more for bank holidays/ Special events?
A. You sure can!

Q. Can I set a minimum night stay?
A. Yes. You can set whatever you like.

Q. Will I be notified when I get a booking?
A. Yes. Both you and your guest will receive a confirmation email.

Q. Can I access Q-Book on the move?
A. Yes! From anywhere - smartphone, tablet, laptop & desktop.

Q. Can I charge a one-off charge for cleaning/damages?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Can guests add extras to their booking?
A. Yes! Meals, flowers, chocolates, hampers, champers - you name it!

Q. Can Q-Book send an automatic guest registration?
A. Yes! no problem, you also can add extra information with directions, places of interest and any other useful information, you can also attach PDF's.

Q. Does Q-Book offer a reporting system?
A. Yes. We have reports relating to transactions, outstanding payments, income, housekeeping, room volume, sales, occupancy, sources and many more.

Q. Does Q-Book - Integrate with Facebook (Meta) Pixel and Google to track bookings?
A. Yes! Keep an eye on who's booking - it's good to know.

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Overview Page

Overview Page & Messages

Shows you who's Arriving, Departing, Staying & Who's Booked

The Overview screen not only showcases who's Arriving, Departing, Staying & Who's Booked, but also display's the latest messages to notify you of system notifications, responses to support tickets and guest confirmation email issues.
Guest Confirmation Emails - will notify you of any guest confirmation emails that fail to reach your guest.
Alerts and Updates - we provide you with real time system updates, this can range from Q-Connect alerts to a new Q-Book feature.
Q-Book Support Tickets - you will now be notified of responses to support tickets.
Messages from the Q-Book Team - Our Q-Book team may message you regarding Q-Book/Q-Connect.

Q-Book Calendar
Q-Book Calendar


Use the tools to adjust the view & create your own colour scheme

Q-Book’s “drag & drop” functionality makes life easy and gives you an excellent experience when adding, moving, swapping or modifying bookings. The intuitive controls just make it clear, displaying the changes to your booking details in real-time as you move and adjust bookings as if it were a piece of cake.

Booking Details Page
Setting up your rooms are so easy

Adding images and videos to your rooms

Q-Book is easy for all types - Hotels, B&B's, Tipi's & Touring, Yurts, Shepherds Huts, Treehouses & Cabins

From here, you'll build your rooms and enhance them with descriptive text plus images and videos. You'll include details such as occupancy options & restrictions and general information about your rooms. Q-Book is very flexible with any type of accommodation.

Photo Gallery
Images & PDf's

Photo Gallery

Store up to 300 images

Upload your images & PDf's to your personal gallery where you can then hand pick individual images for each room, you can add the images you require to your website and the UK National Reservation Platform, you can edit the images, rotate, re-size, crop or just re-order the images using drag and drop, easy!

Gift Vouchers
One click to convert

Convert cancelled booking’s into Vouchers

Retain deposit payments

Convert cancelled booking deposits/payments into Voucher’s – A simple & effective way to retain deposit payments.

We have now added an option on the guest booking details page, where you can click to automatically convert any payment that has been made to the booking into a voucher for future use.

This will allow your guest to re-book on your website, in their own time and automatically receive the deduction of the amount they have already paid – meaning that you can hold on to their payment and make less refunds!

Special Offers
It’s as easy as pie

Special Offers

Seconds to setup a special offer

Q-Book’s special offers page, it’s as easy as pie!

Option 1 - Make a simple reduction over a set period in either £ or %

Option 2 - Set offers such as package offers over a set period. For example – 3 for 2 nights – 2nd night half price – Spa Weekend – Dinner bed & breakfast – Valentines Package, etc. You can set the full rate amount for the offer, for example – £200 for 2 nights Dinner bed & breakfast.


Free awesome welcome platform App for your guests's

Q-Guest. Inviting, flawless and integral to your accommodation

Coming soon - Our Free guest welcome platform App for your guests's that collects all your accommodations content (best bits and need-to-knows) in a good-looking and easily accessible format. Engaging, informative and user-friendly; a virtual reception for your guest's.

Stay Connected & Chat with guest's via your Free Digital Welcome App. The power of good communication. A tried and tested hospitality trait with a twist of game-changing technology.

Q-Guest Welcome App - More Info

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