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Do you run a hotel that's suffering in the online booking software department? We're sorry if you're having a tough time but, we can certainly help get you and your rooms back on track! Too often, we see hoteliers muddle through using booking software that isnt cutting the mustard! Why do they (and perhaps you) make do? Repeatedly and painstakingly, we see booking software that is problematic, antiquated and deters potential guests.

Q-Book is the contrary! Expect and look forward to engaging, straightforward, no-nonsense hotel booking software. Make the switch today! You'll kick yourself for not doing sooner! Q-Book's only mission? To generate commission-free bookings, help you look like a pro and sustain happy hoteliers :)

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Our drama-free guarantee

Ready to make the bold move across to a new hotel booking system? Actually, it's not so bold a move - as it's a walk in the park to switch. We'll upload your existing bookings for you and show you the ropes. All you need to do is say yes and instantly applaud your decision.

All hail the direct booker!

Is there out better (excuse our northern dulcet tones) than direct bookings? Our hotel booking software is cleverly designed to engage with browsers and helps to convert lookers into bookers! We automatically display 'check best prices' from the get-go!

Give your rooms a fighting chance!

Q-Book enables you to give each of your rooms a descriptive profile that highlights each rooms key selling points. You have the facility to upload images, click in modern facilities - Netflix (and chill), electric car charging, hot-tubs and anything that describes your lovely rooms ready to sell, sell, sell!

The dark days before Q-Book are nearly behind you!

Is there anything more disastrous than a potential guest who's made the effort to book via your hotel website, to then leave suddenly, and book through an OTA!? It's a here's what you could have won moment! And, an industry pet hate! Unfortunately, for many hoteliers, this is not a nightmare but, in fact, a reality! But why do browsers leave your page?! Hotel owners face this problem when their hotel booking software isn't up to scratch! Too often, we see archaic, troublesome, sluggish software! We all know this isn't the future of online booking! Why should your hotel be defined by a bad user experience? Ultimately, poor hotel booking software is letting you down! With Q-Book, your hotel can expect user-friendly, engaging booking software that keeps your guests where they should be - your website! If your hotel makes the switch over to Q-Book, you'll experience everything mentioned above and more! Come on!!

Did we mention our commission-free Channel Manager?

If some of your guests book inevitably via popular OTA's, we won't charge you a penny of commission! Already these bookings incur a percentage of 15-20% and, we don't want to add fuel to the fire! Our ethos is simple - why pay twice?? OTA's do a great job! Their global reach and reputations are massively impressive! Obviously, this comes at a fee. Everybody has to make money somewhere. All we're saying, is, that if you have already paid the OTA's there is no extra fee from ourselves. Yes! We handle these bookings, make sure they're stored and updated in Q-Book but we don't charge you for the privilege of taking care of them :) As a provider of hotel booking software that doesn't profit from OTA bookings, you can rest assured that we'll work hard to promote direct revenue. Whether your bookings come via Booking.com, Google, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda or your website - you'll only pay a flat payment each month based on how many rooms you have. Fair, transparent and no nasty surprises!

Do your hotel rooms look amazing in real life but maybe not online?

It's a common blunder! You get everything right. All your rooms look amazing, but does this translate online? It sounds obvious but, it's a routine faux pas! Time and time again, we see properties that fall short due to their online presence. We mean - everything looks awesome in the flesh, but online is a different story. It is so important that your hotel booking system replicates your actual rooms. Q-Book is designed in such a way that perfectly depicts your rooms. You have enough space to add pictures, list facilities, add wording and policies and make your rooms content-rich and ready to book. The more detailed and expressive your rooms, the more likely people are to make a booking with you. Physically having more detailed information automatically answers guest questions. Browsers that are well informed are much more likely to book there and then. Choose hotel booking software that promotes your rooms and organically creates revenue.

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  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • Hipcamp
  • Pitchup
  • Campsites.co.uk
  • VRBO
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