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Q-Book. Dedicated to the successful running of your campsite and/or holiday park. Q-Book takes the stress associated with managing a busy campsite/ holiday park away and ensures everything operates smoothly in the background.

Pricing: One off non refundable enrolment fee of £35.00 + VAT.
Then its £9.99 + VAT per month for all pitch sizes & 20p + VAT per booking.

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Online Booking Campsites

Never miss a booking or revenue opportunity. Park closed? No problem!

Camping tends to be a seasonal thing ( except for the die-hard campers). Q-Book, the unsung hero does all the hard work in the background.

20p per booking. That's it! Fair and perfect for low volume months.

Yes, you read correctly! Our charge is straightforward and super reasonable. £9.99+VAT PCM and just 20pence per booking, irrespective of the campsite/holiday park size.

Channel Manager, connect to all major OTA's. Airbnb, Pitchup, Booking.com, Expedia, Google - the list goes on!

Remove the risk of double bookings and save time with Q-Book's Channel Manager. Managing multiple websites is a thing of the past - hallelujah!

Not open all year round? No problem & no need to panic!

Fortunately, we live in an age where camping online booking software requires next to no manual intervention (well, great online booking software like Q-Book)! It basically runs itself, meaning that all automated processes work cleverly in the background when you don't have staff present. We understand that many camping/holiday parks operate seasonally. Even though there will be periods when your park/site is closed, Q-Book will still work quietly in the background supporting reservations and future availability. Where you don't have the support of physical seasonal staff (and even if you did), Q-Book will take bookings, send automatic confirmations and manage all third party updates. When the season jumps back into action, you and your staff can pick up where you left off. Because you only pay a low monthly running fee and a small fee per booking you'll not begrudge the charge within low-volume months but keep all the same functionality throughout the year. Just in case you don't love Q-Book (highly doubtable) we operate a no contracts policy. Meaning you are free to come and go as you please. No tie in's, risk-free - happy campers all round :)

Fair, transparent prices that reflect your offerings and income.

We often find that reservation software charges don't reflect what's being sold; which makes the value for money questionable? What we mean is £10 per pitch vs £100 per room is a totally different ballgame! Because pitches are significantly lower in price than other areas of hospitality, we have put together a reasonable and fair pricing structure (and one that won't have you itching your head when the bill arrives). Ok, so here it is! £9.99+VAT PCM and 20pence per booking. That's it. In the grand scheme of things, 20 pence per booking for a fully automated service - it's a bargain, a no-brainer and without compromising on the quality. The greatest things about our pricing structure? We have no limitations on size. so whether you have 50 pitches or 500 touring spots - you'll pay the low monthly fee and just 20pence per booking - there really is nothing to lose.

Make excellent use of Q-Book Channel Manager; not that you have to do a thing!

For those who don't know, a Channel Manager is a clever piece of tech that consolidates all your OTA rates and availability in one place - Q-Book. Please, let us explain. When you get a booking from a third party (e.g. Pitchup this will automatically land on the Q-Book calendar. Whichever other channels you have linked in (Airbnb, Google, Booking.com, Expedia etc.) will be updated. The benefits of such integration? Not only is it hugely time-saving as it replaces manual admin processes, but it also removes the risk of double bookings. A Channel Manager banishes every campsite/holiday park owner worst nightmare - the awkward moment when a guest turns up that you weren't anticipating and cant accommodate! For these very reasons, we're sure that you will agree how valuable a Channel Manager can be :) Q-Book's flexi Channel Manager enables you to introduce different rates to different channels and block availability individually to certain channels and not others. What do we think you'll love the most? We don't charge any integrations fees! All you'll pay is 20 pence per booking and your guests are ready to Pitch or tour to their heart's content!

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