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Boost Direct Bookings - Save Commissions

Rate Comparison Widget

Q-Book = More Website Booking

By using Q-Book's Rate Comparison Widget, your website visitors see your promotional prices and compare them with the OTA's, all without leaving your website.
Immediately, the guest can see they are getting the best price possible by booking direct with you. The customer is happy as they have made a saving and you save on commission fees too - everybody is a winner.
You can also enhance the appeal of direct bookings by offering additional perks such as the option for early check-in, a complimentary bottle of wine, or free parking. These incentives can significantly increase the excitement and incentive for guests to book directly.

Dynamic Pricing
Free Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing - Let Q-Book do the Work

Easy Setup

Boost your accommodation's income with Q-Book Free Dynamic Pricing! Imagine your rooms always priced perfectly, making you more money and keeping guests happy. It's like having a superhero for pricing, making sure every booking is a win! Get ready for happier guests and more cash in your pocket!
Maximise Revenue: Bid farewell to static pricing. Embrace dynamic rates that adapt in real-time based on demand and occupancy levels. With Free Dynamic Pricing, effortlessly ensure you're charging the optimal rate, maximising revenue potential.

Stay & Save Booking Prompt
Boost Direct Bookings - Save Commissions

Prevent Customer Drop-offs: Use Q-Book's Stay and Save Booking Prompt!

Ultimate Tool to Boost Bookings

Discover the game-changing 'Stay and Save' feature from Q-Book, your ultimate tool to boost bookings and delight your customers. Picture this: a sleek, eye-catching popup or slide-in that seamlessly becomes part of your customer's booking journey. But it's not just about looks – you're in full control. Choose the perfect moment for it to appear, captivating your customers right when they're ready to book.
What's the secret sauce? A promotional code, created by you in Q-Book, like an irresistible 5% discount, appears just in time to clinch the deal. Imagine the joy of your customers as they snag a deal, and the satisfaction you'll feel as you watch your reservation completion rates soar.

Overview Page

Overview Page & Messages

Save time and plan ahead

Shows you who's Arriving, Departing, Staying & Who's Booked on any date using the date picker.
View how many guests are due to depart on a particular day. Very useful to organise housekeeping staff, rotas and smooth changeover days.
View bookings generated today, yesterday, or two weeks ago (you get the idea) - to keep your eye on the ball!
From here you can: Check-in/check-out guests. Print/Email invoices. Add guests to regular clients. View and add booking notes. View and add additional services.

Q-Book Calendar
Q-Book Calendar


Use the tools to adjust the view & create your own colour scheme

Q-Book’s “drag & drop” functionality makes life easy and gives you an excellent experience when adding, moving, swapping or modifying bookings. The intuitive controls just make it clear, displaying the changes to your booking details in real-time as you move and adjust bookings as if it were a piece of cake.

Q-Book Calendar
Q-Book Calendar

Custom Colour Labels for Bookings

Simple to identify those bookings that have the labels attached

Custom colour labels are a big deal when you want to point out important stuff on your calendar. By setting trigger points, you make little markers on your bookings, so you can see everything clearly with different colours. Like, breakfast and special diets are in different colours to help you stay on top of things (not that you're not already super organised)! Your guests will think it's awesome! And when guests are happy, they leave amazing reviews.

Booking Details Page
Booking Information

Booking Details Page

Manage your bookings from one page with ease

Here you can see all your guests details and booking information. From here you can: Make Payments - View Transactions - Manage Invoicing – Send/Re-send Email Confirmation, Invoice’s & Guest Registration Form - Amend Booking & Guests Details - Cancel Booking - Add Additional Service’s - Add Notes & Special Requests - Check In/Out - Create Cancellation Voucher.

Setting up your rooms are so easy<
Setting up your rooms are so easy

Adding images and videos to your rooms

Q-Book is easy for all types - Hotels, B&B's, Tipi's & Touring, Yurts, Shepherds Huts, Treehouses & Cabins

From here, you'll build your rooms and enhance them with descriptive text plus images and videos. You'll include details such as occupancy options & restrictions and general information about your rooms. Q-Book is very flexible with any type of accommodation.

Keep track of the history of your booking<
Keep track of the history of your booking

Track the history of your booking

Monitor the chronological record of your booking with Timeline

  • View all the additional services that have been added to a booking.
  • Easily see if any bookings have been moved to a different location.
  • Keep track of any changes in pricing for a booking.
  • Monitor any changes in occupancy for a booking.
  • Stay up-to-date with all the payments made for a booking.
  • Keep track of any emails sent related to a booking.
  • View all the modifications made to a booking.
  • Stay informed about any cancellations made for a booking.

Q-Book Search
Find what your looking for?

Search for bookings

Simple yet Powerful

  • Bookings arriving between a date range
  • Departing between a date range
  • Booked between a date range
  • Cancelled between a date range
  • Search by Name
  • Search by Email address
  • Search by Booking reference
  • Search by Third party booking reference

Photo Gallery
Images & PDf's

Photo Gallery

Store up to 300 images

Upload your images & PDf's to your personal gallery where you can then hand pick individual images for each room, you can add the images you require to your website and the UK National Reservation Platform, you can edit the images, rotate, re-size, crop or just re-order the images using drag and drop, easy!

Q-Book Reports
Search any date range

Detailed Reports

*Overview *Breakdowns *Flexible Searches *Export *Summarise

  • Income & Payments - Paid by, Extras, Discounts
  • Occupancy - Items/Rooms occupied, Adults/Children
  • House Keeping - Checking in/Out/Occupied, Notes/Requests
  • Sales Summary - Sold Room/Items, Extras, Online Vouchers
  • Transactions - Logs by Date & time, Payment methods
  • Making Tax digital - Full breakdown & Summary
  • Outstanding payments - Never miss a payment!

Adjust Restrictions
Minimum Stays etc..

Adjust Restrictions

Quick & easy to set

  • Minimum stays
  • Close to arrival / departure
  • Close out Rate Plans & Rooms
  • Set date range to apply changes to or specific dates
  • Tick Items to apply changes to or select all Rate Plans
  • Updates all OTA's connected

Adjust Rates
Overlook rates month by month

Adjust Rates

Calendar page layout

  • Make reductions – Increase rates by date or in bulk
  • Reduce or increase by pounds or percentage
  • Select which Rate Plans to apply changes to
  • Updates all connected OTA's
  • View full report of all changes, includes date & time changes were made

Booking Page
Stylish booking page

Easy to book through your website

Mobile friendly

  • Show availability as rooms or Items
  • Advertise Special offers
  • Add Images
  • Add Videos
  • Add Gift Vouchers
  • Add Additional Items
  • Easy to book
  • Increase direct bookings
  • Works with all different screen sizes

Customise your emails
Q-Book Email Manager

Customise your emails

Easy to add or change your emails

Customise your emails for booking, pre-arrival and post-stay. You can create and schedule emails to remind customers to re-book the following year. Excellent for marketing and driving direct revenue.

Gift vouchers available on your website


Create in seconds

Create personalised vouchers for your guests, just a few examples to get you started:

  • £100 book to stay gift voucher
  • Romantic break for two package
  • Our gift to you – £20 off your stay as a valued customer
  • Christmas gift voucher

Gift Vouchers
One click to convert

Convert cancelled booking’s into Vouchers

Retain deposit payments

Convert cancelled booking deposits/payments into Voucher’s – A simple & effective way to retain deposit payments.

We have now added an option on the guest booking details page, where you can click to automatically convert any payment that has been made to the booking into a voucher for future use.

This will allow your guest to re-book on your website, in their own time and automatically receive the deduction of the amount they have already paid – meaning that you can hold on to their payment and make less refunds!

Special Offers
It’s as easy as pie

Special Offers

Seconds to setup a special offer

Q-Book’s special offers page, it’s as easy as pie!

Option 1 - Make a simple reduction over a set period in either £ or %

Option 2 - Set offers such as package offers over a set period. For example – 3 for 2 nights – 2nd night half price – Spa Weekend – Dinner bed & breakfast – Valentines Package, etc. You can set the full rate amount for the offer, for example – £200 for 2 nights Dinner bed & breakfast.

Epos ICR Touch Connectivity

Epos ICR Touch Connectivity

Need help just call 01204 373710

We are proudly integrated with ICR Touch, an industry leader in EPOS Technology (electronic point of sale). Our integration with ICR Touch enables the transfer of information from the till to the rooms tab. This way your guests can eat and drink without having to head to the Bar/Restaurant to 'settle up'. Everything can be done via Q-Book to help limit unnecessary contact, reduce queues and to adhere to Social Distancing.


Google Free Links - 0% commission on Bookings

Google bookings show in your Q-Book calendar for free

Google have launched a free link platform where you can generate bookings at zero cost! Google Free Links is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your availability on Google, enabling bookers to make a reservation directly with you. Zero investment to Google, No risk bookings, No charge for cancellations, Increase direct traffic, Reduce OTA dependency, Reduce commission expenses & Collect customer details and enhance your marketing database.
Sell rooms on Google through Q-Book, for free.


Free awesome welcome platform App for your guests's

Q-Guest. Inviting, flawless and integral to your accommodation

Coming soon - Our Free guest welcome platform App for your guests's that collects all your accommodations content (best bits and need-to-knows) in a good-looking and easily accessible format. Engaging, informative and user-friendly; a virtual reception for your guest's.

Stay Connected & Chat with guest's via your Free Digital Welcome App. The power of good communication. A tried and tested hospitality trait with a twist of game-changing technology.

Q-Guest Welcome App - More Info

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