Booking Software for Self-catering

Hello there! Fed up with bookings slipping away to OTAs? Q-Book is your answer. Dive into our straightforward Self-Catering booking software and embrace the world of commission-free, direct bookings. Our system is so intuitive, guests will feel right at home on your website. And with enticing features like Special Offers, Promotional Codes, and Gift Vouchers, they'll have every reason to return. Break free from OTA reliance; Q-Book is your gateway to a stream of direct, commission-free bookings for your Self-Catering accommodations.


Q-Book Premium with all the bells and whistles, free connections to Airbnb, Cottages.com, Booking.com, Stripe, Expedia etc..
Example 5 rooms Self-Catering £35.00 + VAT per month (no contracts)
One off non refundable enrolment fee of £99 + VAT (includes set-up)

Full UK Telephone Support - Q-Book Works With Any Website You Have.

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Easy to move over: We can import your bookings for you.

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Q. Will I speak to a friendly human at Q-Book?
A. Yes! We're a bunch of good eggs! No robots here!

Q. Can you import existing bookings?
A. It depends on your current system. However, we can import from most - we're certainly happy to try! Migrating is easy!

FAQ'S For Self-Catering
Booking Software for Self-catering


Hello! Want to ramp up reservations for your Self-Catering Unit Dive into Q-Book. Our booking solution lets you craft irresistible Special Offers that steer guests straight to your website. And with zero commission fees, you keep more of your earnings!


Hello! Ready for a tip to boost your Self-Catering direct bookings? Enter, promotional codes! Think of them as exclusive passes offering guests special discounts, encouraging them to reserve directly with you, sans commission.

Gift Vouchers - Your Ticket to Additional Revenue!

Delight your guests by offering them a stay at your Self-Catering Unit as a gift! With Q-Book, effortlessly craft and showcase gift vouchers on your site. It's a surefire way to enhance your revenue without any commissions. Plus, the cherry on top? It's entirely free and fully customisable!

Overview Page

Overview Page & Messages

Save time and plan ahead

Shows you who's Arriving, Departing, Staying & Who's Booked on any date using the date picker.
View how many guests are due to depart on a particular day. Very useful to organise housekeeping staff, rotas and smooth changeover days.
View bookings generated today, yesterday, or two weeks ago (you get the idea) - to keep your eye on the ball!
From here you can: Check-in/check-out guests. Print/Email invoices. Add guests to regular clients. View and add booking notes. View and add additional services.

Q-Book Calendar
Q-Book Calendar


Use the tools to adjust the view & create your own colour scheme

Q-Book’s “drag & drop” functionality makes life easy and gives you an excellent experience when adding, moving, swapping or modifying bookings. The intuitive controls just make it clear, displaying the changes to your booking details in real-time as you move and adjust bookings as if it were a piece of cake.

Customise your emails
Q-Book Email Manager

Customise your emails

Easy to add or change your emails

Customise your emails for booking, pre-arrival and post-stay. You can create and schedule emails to remind customers to re-book the following year. Excellent for marketing and driving direct revenue.

Booking Details Page
Setting up your rooms are so easy

Adding images and videos to your rooms

Q-Book is easy for all types - Self-catering, B&B's, Tipi's & Touring, Yurts, Shepherds Huts, Treehouses & Cabins

From here, you'll build your rooms and enhance them with descriptive text plus images and videos. You'll include details such as occupancy options & restrictions and general information about your rooms. Q-Book is very flexible with any type of accommodation.

Keep track of the history of your booking<
Track the complete history of your booking.

Use Timeline to monitor the chronological record of your booking

Access a list of all the extra services added to your booking

  • Quickly check if any bookings have been relocated to a different place.
  • Keep a record of any pricing changes for your booking.
  • Monitor any alterations made to the occupancy of your booking.
  • Stay informed about all the payments made towards your booking.
  • Keep a log of all the emails related to your booking.
  • Keep track of any emails sent related to a booking.
  • View all the changes made to your booking.
  • Stay updated on any cancellations made for your booking.

Photo Gallery
Images & PDf's

Photo Gallery

Store up to 300 images

Easily manage your images and PDFs by uploading them to your personal gallery. From there, handpick individual images for each room and add them to your website and the UK National Reservation Platform. You can edit the images by rotating, resizing, cropping, or simply reordering them using a convenient drag-and-drop feature.

Gift Vouchers
One click to convert

Convert cancelled booking’s into Vouchers

Retain deposit payments

Convert cancelled booking deposits/payments into Voucher’s – A simple & effective way to retain deposit payments.

We have now added an option on the guest booking details page, where you can click to automatically convert any payment that has been made to the booking into a voucher for future use.

This will allow your guest to re-book on your website, in their own time and automatically receive the deduction of the amount they have already paid – meaning that you can hold on to their payment and make less refunds!

Special Offers
It’s as easy as pie

Special Offers

Seconds to setup a special offer

Q-Book’s special offers page, it’s as easy as pie!

Option 1 - Make a simple reduction over a set period in either £ or %

Option 2 - Set offers such as package offers over a set period. For example – 3 for 2 nights – 2nd night half price – Spa Weekend – Dinner bed & breakfast – Valentines Package, etc. You can set the full rate amount for the offer, for example – £200 for 2 nights Dinner bed & breakfast.

Track Bookings through Facebook (Meta) pixel and Google
Effortlessly track your bookings

Track Bookings through Facebook (Meta) pixel and Google

Track Bookings through Facebook (Meta) pixel and Google

Effortlessly track your bookings by leveraging the power of Facebook's & Google tracking capabilities. The process is streamlined and user-friendly - all you need to do is integrate your unique Facebook (Meta Pixel code) or Google GTAG or GTM code, and you'll unlock a wealth of insights and data to optimise your booking system.

The integration of Facebook's & Google's tracking tools into your booking process is a strategic move that can yield significant benefits.


Free awesome welcome platform App for your guests's

Q-Guest. Inviting, flawless and integral to your accommodation

Coming soon - Our Free guest welcome platform App for your guests's that collects all your accommodations content (best bits and need-to-knows) in a good-looking and easily accessible format. Engaging, informative and user-friendly; a virtual reception for your guest's.

Stay Connected & Chat with guest's via your Free Digital Welcome App. The power of good communication. A tried and tested hospitality trait with a twist of game-changing technology.

Q-Guest Welcome App - More Info


Studies and experience suggest that when online browsers feel valued, they're more inclined to finalise a booking. If guests sense an exclusive deal only available through direct bookings, they're more apt to commit rather than drifting to OTAs. Q-Book's Special Offers platform empowers you to craft enticing deals tailored to your preferences. You set the dates and rooms for these offers, and Q-Book automatically adjusts the price for the guest.

Promotional Codes for Self-Catering

Want a surefire method to boost bookings? Enter, Discount Codes! A mix of characters that equates to direct, commission-free revenue - brilliant! Q-Book's Discount Codes seamlessly integrate with any marketing push. Whether attracting new clientele, re-engaging prior guests, or incentivising direct bookings, there's an apt code for every situation. With Q-Book's Reporting feature, pinpoint your target audience, be it past guests, upcoming bookings, or even cancelled reservations.

Gift Vouchers for your Self-Catering Website

Most times, Gift Voucher tools are expensive. On top of that, you also pay for your booking software. But not with Q-Book! Here, you can easily make and sell Gift Vouchers on your website and earn extra money. You can add pictures, words, and your logo to the vouchers. Many Q-Book users have sold things like Spa Days, Fun Activities, Fancy Dinners, and Golf Games. You can also sell a voucher for a set amount of money, which is a great gift for special days. The best part? When someone buys a voucher, you get an email right away and the money too!

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Hotels
  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • Hipcamp
  • Pitchup
  • Campsites.co.uk
  • VRBO
  • Cottages.com

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