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Is your B&B in need of a Website makeover? If you're not immediately inclined to make a booking on your Website, then it's likely that your guest's arent either! Sorry! But don't worry! We would love to help! Your Website is the first thing that greets your customers. Your Website needs to make a perfect impression to do your Bed & Breakfast justice.

To ensure you are a blissful B&B owner, let us get to work on your new Website for you. We'll do all the work (feel free to instruct us on what you want), all you need to do is wait for the direct and commission-free bookings that will follow soon after. Restore the balance between OTA and direct bookings in the shape of a shiny new Website- you won't regret it! Our Website comes complete with Website Editor, Email Hosting and Domain Name care/renewal.

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Edit your Website Bed & Breakfast 24/7!

Access your Website Editor whenever you need to make a change. Flash offer or information to communicate? Add an instant pop-up to your Website.

Email Hosting. Hosts with the most!

Emails can be tricky! Having a point of contact in the form of a real-life human is the support every Bed & Breakfast needs.

Domain Name. New business?

Everybody needs to start somewhere. We'll register your Domain Name, build a Website and begin to promote your property.

Change is good. Keep your B&B Website fresh

Making changes to your Website is good! At some point, your B&B will undergo redecoration and other such transformations. Therefore, your B&B Website should always be up to date ready to showcase your accommodation. Whenever a change happens, our Website Editor is your best friend! Online visibility is super important, and your Website needs to be kept bang up to date! All you need to do is upload exciting and engaging content that will encourage bookings for your B&B. It's simple to add new content to your Website in just a few minutes. Get creative and look totally professional at the same time! Sell Gift vouchers, add a pop-up or maybe some of your accolades - there is no stopping you! Soon enough your Bed & Breakfast will have the Website is deserves and at the envy of the competition! Have you ever found yourself in Website limbo? You want an alteration made to it but, you have to rely on somebody else to do it? The thought of waiting whilst you're not happy with your Website can leave you feeling exposed and misrepresented. Take control of edits and make sure your B&B looks its best. Great Websites generate commission-free online bookings.

Communication. Integral for your Bed & Breakfast

We'll provide a professional business email for your B&B so that you can communicate with your guests. Guests usually have questions about their upcoming booking. Everything from check-in time, luggage storage, directions and local things to do sometimes need a discussion. Also, before guests commit to making a reservation, they may want to contact you as a point of enquiry about any pre-booking questions they have. Whatever the reason for communication between you and your guests, an email address linked to your business Domain Name is the most professional way to exchange conversations between you and your guests. Of course, this means we will be your point of contact for everything you'll need; Website, Emails, Online Booking System & Channel Manager. If you need help, your dedicated Account Manager will be available to talk to you and, recognise you and your account straight away. No delays, no being passed from pillar to post, just instant results to make sure everything runs smoothly for your Bed & Breakfast.

Domain Name. Your B&B's online identity

If you're brand new to the Bed & Breakfast game, you need to get started with a new Website. A Website is the face of your business and how your future customers will book with you. You can't have a Website without a Domain Name, and that's where we come in. You pick your URL (www.yourb&b.co.uk) we register it for you and build a brand new website for your B&B. When your Domain Name is up for renewal, we'll do it on your behalf as part of our hosting package. You needn't worry about any Website downtime as our renewal process ensures that will never happen. For you, this means everything website-related is taken care of and, all you need to focus on is the fun parts; editing, SEO, adding new pictures etc. If you need to move your Domain Name away, we will make sure the migration is smooth. We understand that your circumstances may change. And, for this reason, your Domain Name belongs to you and always will. We won't hold it to ransom, and we'll graciously send it on its way to wherever your next chapter is. Should you change your mind, we'll always welcome you back with open arms. Your success matters and, we'd love to be a part of it.

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