Channel Manager for your campsite to CL Booking

Are you looking for an integration for your caravan site to connect to CL Booking? CL Booking is a platform for the touring caravan and motorhome community and refers to small sites certified by a Certifying Body as Certificated Locations or CLs. The link between Q-Book and CL Bookings offers an availability feed from Q-Book to CL Booking. When visitors land on the CL Booking website, availability is pulled into the search result, ready for guests to make a booking via a 1-way iCal integration. For bookings generated, Q-Book users will add these to Q-Book Calendar. By doing so, each booking added will update the Channel Manager and all connected OTA's. As the 1-way iCal integration displays availability instantly for browsers, this improves the guest booking experience creating a straightforward process; and removing the inconvenience of trawling through CL sites that may or may not be available. Our team at Q-Book understand that caravan site owners have plenty to take care of - pitch maintenance, washroom cleaning etc. Q-Book can help with online bookings - what a relief!
In other words, you need optimum exposure and all the hassle removed from the equation. Simple! So! Look no further than our Channel Manager for your caravan site. Q-Book's Channel Manager works in real-time (with the exception of 1-way iCal integrations) and instantly updates all OTA's. Each new booking, modification, and cancellation (hopefully not too many) will instantly update Q-Book effortlessly. You can easily adjust prices, manage occupancy, sell extras and receive bookings on the go! Our Channel Manager helps to reduce admin and contributes to the smooth running of your caravan site. Not to mention, we only charge just 20-50pence a booking. It's a no-brainer! Let your guests pitch up, get the fire pit going and enjoy themselves and their zero-stress booking. Meanwhile, you can enjoy buckets of bookings all effortlessly waiting for you in your fully responsive Q-Book calendar - that you can access from anywhere - even in the middle of nowhere- Happy Q-Booking!

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Channel Manager for your campsite to CL Booking

More availability than you'd like? Not for long!

Quickly change rates, adjust minimum stays and take control of your caravan site via Q-Books Channel Manager. Occupancy obstacles are no match for Q-Book's Channel Manager.

All your bookings are in one place, from a quick glance.

Using a Channel Manager for your caravan site means all your bookings are in one place. Q-Book is a central hub for your busy caravans.

Can you remember a time before channel managers saved the day?

Can you afford the risks associated with not using a Channel Manager for your caravan site? Trust us! It is not worth it! Make sure your caravans don't suffer the embarrassment.


Picture this. It's nearly the weekend. You still have remaining pitches within your caravan site that have usually sold already. Oops! How to solve this quandary? And quickly? By far, the most straightforward way to put this to bed is to adjust the Channel Manager. From here, you can reduce/adjust rates which will hopefully sway bookings your way! Soon enough, your Q-Book diary will be brimming with bookings and happy caravaners. Browsers who are keen to pitch at your caravan site are price-driven and cannot resist a discount! Discounted/revised rates attract browsers and persuade guests to book with you. This simple hack needn't be exclusive to the weekend! Is mid-week looking quieter? You can do the same and reduce rates, tweak minimum stays and arrival/departure dates and do whatever it takes to fill your caravan site with lots of bookings. Happy days, happy Q-Booking - happy caravanners!


A Channel Manager for your caravan site means that you no longer need to rely on out-of-date processes when it comes to taking bookings for your caravan site. Inputting bookings into a paper diary is often unreliable and creates vulnerability for mistakes (as well as being highly flammable)! Though it has done the trick over the years, more advanced technology has taken the lead in the camping and caravan industry. We're referring to our Channel Manager. Nowadays, you and your caravan site must procure the security of a Channel Manager. Not only will it update price and availability, but it will also give you and your caravan site total peace of mind. Juggling email enquiries, telephone bookings and reservations from various OTA's is the easiest way to miss bookings and become overbooked. Yikes! Honestly, it can be a nightmare and can even result in relocation charges at your expense. We'll promote your caravan site and send you bookings (excluding iCal integrations). Meanwhile, you can get on with your everyday bits and bats!


Working in the industry as long as we have has given us a real insight into what it takes to run a busy caravan site (wow! you guys have a lot on your plates)! We totally get that you undertake many different roles in the day-to-day running of your caravan site. Whether you're cutting the grass, prepping the pitches or cleaning the shower facilities - it's all in a day's work, without even taking into account generating as many bookings as possible. Not enough hours in the day! Whilst we can’t assist with the maintenance of your caravan site, we can certainly help by way of technology. Our Channel Manager takes care of everything; rates, availability, minimum night stays and lots more. For you, this means that you can concentrate on other tasks you need to carry out throughout the day. Let us take care of the reservations for your caravan site. In addition to our Channel Manager, Q-Book will assist with Invoicing, VAT Reports, Deposit/Balance payments, events & promos and everything else you do as part of your daily routine. Q-Book supports your business every step of the way and relieves the pressure of running a busy caravan site. We can’t help to prep the pitches, but, we'd love to help see you generate more revenue :)

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