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Do you manage a Campsite? Are you sorted for tents, tipis & pitches but need a hand in the Website department? In a nutshell, do you need a new website for your Campsite to help boost bookings? If so, great news, you are in the right place, and, you will not be disappointed! Our Q-Book team would love to get involved to help your business thrive by designing you a brand new Website for your Campsite. With experience that boasts over twenty years, you're in the safe hands of experts who specialise in revenue-boosting Website Design.

To guarantee you are a cheerful Campsite owner, let us create a brand new Website for you and your business. We'll take care of everything! All we need from you are images, text and anything you would like us to include for the build. What happens next? Your lovely Website goes live and straight away begins to promote your pitches! Whether your guests are searching for pitches, chalets, or glamping, they will be overjoyed when navigating your new Website. All you need to do is hang tight and await the flurry of direct bookings to populate your Q-Book Diary. Get to grips with OTA's and get the bookings you love; directly from your Website.

Prices from £10 per month

Please note: Minimum 12 months contract on our websites.

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A great Website makes for great success!

A great looking Website is sure to turn the heads of your potential customers. Lovely Website = lots of bookings!

Fully responsive from every device

Are your guests ready to book their next Camping trip? No doubt they are on the move, and your Camping Website needs to accommodate this.

Extras to sell?

Bbq packs, firewood, bike hire? Anything to enhance revenue is a win, right!?

Pitch up! Let us take care of the promoting!

Your new Website for your Campsite will sell itself. We know what it takes to convert lookers into bookers, it really is a simple formula! A great looking Campsite Website with intuitive online booking software and there you are; queue the direct online bookings. Anybody wanting a trip will not be able to resist making an online booking via your new Campsite Website! Our main goal at Q-Book is to provide you with a Website for you Campsite that exceeds all your expectations. In a nutshell, we want to go above and beyond and promote your accommodation and see you reap the rewards! Reduce OTA dependency and stop handing over precious income that could have remained in your back pocket! Retain hard-earned revenue and join the direct booking revolution!

Your guests never stay in one place for long!

The Q-Book team will create you a fully-responsive Campsite Website. In simple terms, your Website will adapt to the screen-size your browsers use to view your Website. Have you ever tried to book online using a website that isn’t optimised for mobile devices? It is tragic! We certainly do not recommend it! Take our word for it! A fully- responsive Website for your Campsite is a must! In this day and age, Smartphone’s account for up to 80% of reservations made online. With statistics like these, your Campsite Website cannot afford to restrict bookers on the move! A user-friendly Website, designed to attract and keep your audiences (both new and existing) stimulated is the key to drive online bookings. Ensuring your Campsite Website can accommodate browsers on the move prevents FBS (frustrated browser syndrome). Yes, we made it up but, it is an absolute fact that if your customers can not navigate your Campsite Website, they will book elsewhere. Unfortunately for you, this usually involves booking via an OTA. Seems a shame when they were so close to booking with you directly!

Cheeky little add-ons?

Does your Campsite have extras that guests can purchase? If so, this can be at the point of booking or during their stay! We are sure you have plenty of ideas but, things such as firewood, bbq packs, gas, bed linen, hot-tub hire, cutlery etc. all contribute towards extra revenue for your Campsite. Add-on's aka Additional Items are a simple yet effective way to boost income and keep your guests happy (and well-stocked) all at the same time. Additional Items encourage your guests to make purchases they often do not first anticipate until you inspired them! Whatever your guest decides to purchase will update the Q-Book diary, guest invoicing and sales reports- the domino effect! You have full control of Additional Items; their availability, price tag, quantity available and when they can/cannot be purchased. The Q-Book team understand that OTA’s can consume a wealth of bookings so, dutifully, we have to do whatever we can to find a balance. For this reason, we know that Additional Services will guarantee revenue without the sting of commission.

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