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Q-Book has a free 2 way connection with Airbnb, this super connection will update your availability and rates for free on Airbnb, when a booking is made through Airbnb the booking will drop directly into your diary, there is no charge for this through our Free Channel Manager, so if you’re looking for a Channel Manager that integrates with Airbnb? Whatever your type of accommodation, Airbnb is one of the most popular OTA’s. Our Channel Manager is suited to Hotels, B&B's, Guest Houses, Cottages, Apartments, Lodges, Campsites & Caravans - you name it! Whatever you’re offering, our Q-Book booking software will smoothly manage your bookings for you! Q-Books Channel Manager is held in high regard as one of the best globally, we work in real-time, and this makes updates and adjustments instantly.

You can update Airbnb rates, update availability and receive bookings on the go; rest assured everything is updated! Our Channel Manager works away in the background without charging you a penny of commission. We work on the side of accommodation providers and believe you should never have to pay unjust, middleman fees! Here at Q-Book, that will not happen!

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Channel Manager Airbnb

Zero commission - that's our promise!

Let's keep this straightforward! You generate bookings, which land in your Q-Book diary and, all channels are instantly updated. Are you charged a commission fee for this process? No! It's your booking after all :)

Managing fine without OTA's?

For those times where you can fill your rooms without relying on OTAs, you can easily block availability and keep your direct availability open only.

Automatic deposits

Choose how much you want to collect from your Booking.com guests at the point of booking. This amount can differ from other OTA's and direct website bookings. You remain in complete control.

Are you paying commission twice?

No matter how many bookings you generate from Booking.com (or anywhere else for that matter), we will not charge you a penny of commission! We understand that OTA's take their fee, but, why do some Channel Managers insist on a surcharge? We can't speak for other companies and how they practice business but, it's not anything you'll experience here. No middleman fees now and forever! Our viewpoint is transparent. Generate as many bookings as possible without an unexpected bill at the end of the month. Your success genuinely matters to us.

Ride the commission-free train!

More often than not, there are dates in your calendar where your dependency on OTA's is significantly less. Anything from summer holidays, bank holiday weekends, New Year's Eve and dates that relate specifically to your local area can fill themselves? Right? When times like these approach, trends prove that you can fill your accommodation without advertising on large OTA's. So why promote availability if you can do it all on your own? During the time you are more self-sufficient, you can temporarily remove your availability from OTA's and rely solely on website bookings and repeat business. You have full occupancy and, you haven't paid any commission for the privilege! When the time is right, you can always reintroduce availability to OTA's.

Automatic Payments. One less job to do!

Collect payments, automatically, from Booking.com bookings via the Channel Manager. Decide the amount that you collect from the guest and remain in full control of deposits and outstanding balances. If you prefer to charge different amounts to different OTA's - that's perfectly fine too! If your guest decides they want to make payment with cash or use an alternative credit card, you can easily update this information within Q-Book so that your Reports are bang up to date. Alternatively, you still have the option to process transactions manually through our Payment Gateways (Sage & Stripe). Everything is straightforward for both you and your guests, so no need to worry! Relax and let our auto processes take the stress away for you.

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