Website Design for Apartments

Does your Apartment Website need some TLC? Do you have a fabulous Apartment with a Website Design that isn't doing your place justice? We're sorry if that's the case!? How can we help? We, Q-Book, produce fully responsive, intuitively designed Websites that contribute to your direct bookings. Website bookings (direct bookings) are commission-free online bookings for your Apartment. Which accommodation business doesn't jump at the opportunity of a direct booking? Instead of giving all your business away to OTA's, it's imperative to focus and invest in your Website.

Make a great impression, look utterly professional and convert lookers into bookers! You work tirelessly to get your Apartment(s) looking amazing! All that attention to detail should be abundantly clear at the beginning of the booking journey! Browsers should land on your Website and immediately be inclined to make an online booking. Direct bookings = happy apartment owners, it's a fact!

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Website Design for Apartments

A picture is worth a thousand words

Take great pictures and get great results. Got a beautiful Apartment? Showcase that baby!

Engaging and content-rich Websites

If you have something that separates you from the rest, make sure your Website portrays this. Our Web-Editor can help :)

SEO Optimisation - stay on top of the search!

Stay on top of your game, and, as close to the top of the search result as possible.

Nobody likes a blurry photo!

Good photography is the difference between guests booking your Apartment or not! Think, what would convince you to make an online booking? Big, clear, beautiful images? Now think, what would prevent you from booking? Blurry, distorted and small images? Probably! And that's it! Your pictures speak volumes about your property! Get them right and reap the rewards of direct bookings. Get them wrong and see browsers drop like flies off your Website! Website images fundamentally influence browsers booking decisions; whether to book or not? Our Website Editor prompts you where images appear too small or blurry. Our software is making sure you don't make a mistake before it's too late. Need to arrange multiple pictures on your Website but don't have Website Design experience? We'll help! You're never far away from a helpful website editor tutorial. Or, if you'd like, you can speak with your account manager who'll give you all the support you need. All-in-all, we'll help you maintain your online visibility like a pro! Don't worry! We got you!

Stand out from the crowd!

Keep your Apartment Website original. Once you undertake our Website Design services, you'll then have 24/7 access to our Website Editor; a platform that will help your Apartment look it's best. You'll have access to professional tools that will help build your Website from strength to strength. Should you to choose, you can modify pretty much everything within your Website. Such as layout, text & images display, font, theme, colour, headings, page order, social media, logo/favicons and many more customisable features. As your Website creates a first and lasting impression about your Apartment, making the most of our Web Editor will see you reap the benefits! Our technology will help give your Website it's individuality. A unique and customised Website for your Apartment will help captivate your audience's attention, ready to generate income. Lots of content and engaging information is a sure way to see direct bookings soar!

SEO like a pro!

Our Websites are complete with built-in SEO tools. What’s SEO you ask? For those who don't already know, SEO stands for search engine optimisation. In a nutshell, this defines how your Website appears in the search results based on a browsers internet search. For example 'Apartments in Edinburgh'. Your SEO is essentially a phrase or word (or both) which describes how you want to display/advertise within the internet. Usually, you will combine your property type with your location. Another example 'Serviced Apartments in Manchester'. Get the idea? The more optimised your Website, the more prominent you are within the search result - the more likely you are to receive website hits. Many external companies will try and 'sell' you optimisation; we remain sceptical about this! We include our SEO platform within your Website Editor at no extra cost where you can tweak and keep an eye on your conversions. A Website which looks good and can be easily found based on popular searches makes for a winning combination. Increase Website visitors for your Apartment and increase the likelihood of direct and commission-free online bookings.

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  • VRBO
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