Channel Manager for Apartments / Self-Catering

Are you looking for a Channel Manager for your Apartment(s)? Whether you have just one Apartment or multiple Apartments dotted all over the place, Q-Book can help! If you're looking for exposure with the most recognised OTA's such as Booking.com and Expedia but want to remove the risk of overbooking’s than look no further. Q-Books Channel Manager works in real-time. You can adjust rates, block availability and receive bookings on the go and everything is updated instantly. A Channel Manager saves times, helps to reduce admin and makes overbooking’s a thing of the past. Choose a Channel Manager that you can trust.

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Channel Manager for Apartments

Need to fill up quick?

Our Channel Manager makes it quick and easy to sell your Apartment(s). More availability then you'd like? You can quickly adjust rates, display your availability and sell your apartments more quickly for maximum levels of occupancy.

Bin the paper diary for good!

Using a Channel Manager for your Apartment(s) means that all your bookings are in one place. Regardless of where your bookings originate, your Website or an OTA- everything updates within Q-Book. Simple and in one place.

Overbookings, a distant memory!

Having your Apartment(s) connected to the Channel Manager means you'll never miss a trick. If you advertise on multiple destination sites, without using a Channel Manager, it's not impossible to become a double booking victim!

Maximise your full occupancy potential

It's nearly weekend and, you still have more availability than you would like. The quickest way to resolve this is to make a quick adjustment via the Channel Manager. If you reduce the rate, soon enough you should see an influx of booking activity within your Q-Book Calendar. Bookers are price-driven! A discount/revised rate is usually enough to tempt browsers who were already considering making the booking in the first place. This isn’t exclusive to the weekend! Mid-week looking quieter? You can do the same and reduce rates, create special offers or whatever it takes to make sure you're filling your Apartment(s) as much as practically possible.

Scraggly bits of paper are a thing of the past!

A Channel Manager for your Apartment(s) means that you no longer need to rely on manual processes. Inputting bookings into a paper dairy is an outdated and unreliable process. Though it has sufficed over the years, more advanced technology, a Channel Manager has now taken its place. For your Apartment(s) you need the security of a Channel Manager that will update everything and do the hard work for you. Jumping between email enquires, telephone bookings and reservations from various OTA's is the surest way to miss bookings and become overbooked. Take solace in our Channel Manager and move into the future without stress and with bundles of time to do whatever you like :)

Are you making the most of your free time?

Working in the industry as long as we have, we have come to learn that when managing accommodation, you wear several different hats. The freedom of our Channel Manager (everything done for you) means that you can concentrate on other tasks that you need to carry out throughout the day. Let us take care of the reservations for your Apartment(s) while you busy yourself with everything else. Invoicing, VAT reports, Deposit/Balance payments, events & promos and, everything else you do as part of your daily routine, can be completed in ample time. Q-Book can support you every step of the way and relieve the pressure of running a busy accommodation business. The only thing we can't help with is the housekeeping!

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Hotels
  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • Hipcamp
  • Pitchup
  • Campsites.co.uk
  • VRBO
  • Cottages.com

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