Hotel Website Design

Your Website is your online identity that creates an impression and showcases your Hotel. So, shouldn't it look it's very best? Too often, we see old fashioned Websites misrepresenting beautiful accommodation. The outcome? Loss of revenue and heartbroken hoteliers! Out of date Websites ultimately damage browser experience and force browsers to abandon your Website and navigate to OTA's.

Anybody in the accommodation business recognises the heartache when what should have been a direct booking, manifested into commission-based booking :( Direct Bookings are the best kind of bookings! Why? They are commission free! If commission-free bookings are the direct result of a great looking Website, surely you need to consider this for your Hotel? Here, at Q-Book HQ we produce fully responsive, beautifully designed Websites that are proven to increase direct bookings. You work so hard to get everything right; bedding, breakfast, rooms and therefore, your Website needs to work equally hard to make sure it represents you and your business.

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Hotel Website Design

Great Website = direct bookings

When browsers find your Website they are more inclined to make a booking if it looks the part. Browsers are encouraged by engaging content.

Put your stamp on your Website!

All of our websites come complete with a Website Editor. For you, this means you can edit to your heart's content whenever you need to make a change.

Convert lookers into bookers!

Responsive and Smartphone friendly. Let's face it, folks, we live in an age of instant gratification! Your browsers are constantly on the move, and your Website needs to facilitate this!

Direct Bookings = happy hoteliers (a simple formula)

Guests are only going to book your Hotel if your shop window (Website) sells itself immediately. We encourage our Q-Bookers to update their Websites as often possible so that guests are only viewing your best you! Redecorated? Update your Website! Got some information to communicate to your guests? Update your Website! New Special Offers and Promotions to flaunt? Update your Website! Just want to update your Website? Update your Website! Regular Website updates increase how you display/rank on Google. A more prominent position gets seen more and contributes to more direct bookings. Also, it keeps things fresh and engaging :)

Edit to your heart's content :)

Change is good! Many Hotels undergo updates, improvements and transformations. Therefore, your Hotel Website must represent you and your accommodation correctly. Whenever a change occurs, our Website Editor is a handy tool to ensure that your online visibility is bang up to date! It's easy to add new content to your Website in just a few clicks. With ease, you can upload images, text, menus and special offers! There is nothing worse than having to wait for somebody else to update your Website. You want the change and, you want it now! Take control of edits and make sure your Hotel looks the best it can be. Not sure about a change you've made? No problem! Use our 'Time Machine' option and revert, ready to start over. Don't settle or 'make do'! Consider your Website an ongoing, constantly evolving way to generate commission-free online bookings.

Don't let out of date technology define you!

Our websites respond to the screen size of whatever device a browser uses, for example, Tablet, Smartphone and Desktop. Nowadays, keen travellers tend to book from their Smartphone, which means that your Website needs to accommodate this way of life. If it doesn't, your Hotel could miss out on booking opportunities. Have you ever tried to navigate an old and clunky website that is not mobile phone friendly? If not, you're one of the lucky ones! Trust us, an unresponsive design is the surest way to force browsers to book with an OTA :( Guarantee your guests the browsing experience they deserve when booking your Hotel. Need a responsive, Smartphone-friendly website? Look no further! Stay ahead of the competition and dramatically increase your chances of website visitors committing to a booking (and hopefully returning too)!

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