Terms & Conditions


Customer agrees that Queensborough Group shall have no liability for the services, data or information provided to the public on the Internet including but not limited to any liability for consequential, indirect, special or incidental damages, regardless of the success or effectiveness of other remedies.

Customer further agrees that Queensborough Group shall not be liable for any damages or losses sustained by Customer for business or other activities conducted on the Internet including but not limited to consequential, indirect, special or incidental damages.

Customer agrees that it shall not hold Queensborough Group liable for any loss of business, lost opportunity, consequential, indirect, special or incidental damages as a result of any interruption in service.

Queensborough Group Hosting is not liable for customer site content backups on their hosting platforms. Queensborough Group Hosting has made every reasonable attempt to protect the security and integrity of customer’s web sites but offers no warranty as to the ability to restore site content in the event of hardware or system failure.


Representation and/or Warranties

Queensborough Group makes no representations and cannot guarantee that Customer’s domain name does not infringe upon any trademarks, trade names, service marks or other proprietary rights owned by a third party. Customer shall not hold Queensborough Group liable for any damages, injuries or losses incurred by Customer as a result of any action instituted by a third party.

Client Content, Backups and Data Loss

Queensborough Group Hosting assumes no liability for any information published to any server including all customer web site content, related files, backup files, databases or mail belonging to any customer hosted at Queensborough Group Hosting. Backup arrangements for client content must be made by written contract and acceptance by Queensborough Group Hosting and any such contract will be subject to premium monthly charges.

Queensborough Group Hosting does not backup up any dedicated or co-located server without a written contract to do so and Queensborough Group Hosting assumes not responsible for any content published to or stored on any dedicated server or co-located server. These servers are leased and maintained by the customer and because the customer has full control over all aspects of these servers, Queensborough Group Hosting assumes no liability in the operation or reliability of these servers other than hardware failure.

Queensborough Group Hosting assumes no liability for lost content in the event a hardware or system failure occurs and data maintained on the effected servers.

It is the sole responsibility of account owner to insure that they maintain their own backup copy of any materials placed on Queensborough Group Hosting Servers, or of any database maintained on any server operated by Queensborough Group Hosting in the event Queensborough Group Hosting is unable to restore customer content.


Applicable Laws

Customer will ensure that its use of the Internet and any service provided by Queensborough Group to it complies with all regulations, including but not limited to all laws pertaining to copyright, trademark, proprietary information, intellectual property rights, defamation, tortuous interference with business, invasion of privacy, and pornography. In the event that Customer violates this provision, Queensborough Group shall have the right to consider same a breach of this Agreement by customer which shall entitle Queensborough Group to terminate Customer immediately without prior notice.

It shall be within the sole discretion of Queensborough Group to deem material as inappropriate.

Live Remote Support Disclaimer

By accepting a request from a Queensborough Group representative to give Live Remote Support, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings or any losses of emails or material. Queensborough Group does not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any desktop content. As such, Queensborough Group recommend you remain at your desktop and observe the entirety of the remote session. You will retain control for the duration of the remote session and can terminate the remote session at anytime. Please close any personal or confidential information on your screen, as the technician will be viewing your desktop. The client understands that some problems may not be able to be rectified via the remote session. It is your responsibility to backup all applications and data prior to the remote session.

Integrity of Information & Account Security

Customer is solely responsible for validating the integrity of the information and data it receives or transmits over the Internet.

Account Security

Customer shall be solely responsible for protecting the security of its Internet account and usage. Customer’s password shall be considered private information and shall not be disseminated or in any other manner disclosed and/or transferred to third parties. Queensborough Group shall not be liable for any breach of security caused by Customer or third parties. IN NO EVENT SHALL QUEENSBOROUGH GROUP LIABILITY EXCEED THE TOTAL COST OF THIS CONTRACT BETWEEN QUEENSBOROUGH GROUP AND CUSTOMER.

Queensborough Group will use its best efforts to maintain the integrity and security of Customer’s password.

Mail Services

Queensborough Group Hosting mail services are available for hosted customers only who have the correct MX records in place.

Web based e-mail is provided by Queensborough Group hosting for their hosted customers only. This service is not intended to be used as a secure repository for customer e-mail. All e-mails supplied by Queensborough Group do not have backup, backup can be supplied at an extra cost.

Mail accounts are limited to transfer 50Mb of material / account, 25GB allocation for each mailbox (premier service two free email mailbox’s per hosting account).

Queensborough Group will supply the correct login details for the email accounts requested by our client’s, if the client requests help in setting up an email on any device there will be a charge of £35.00 + VAT per device.

Domain Transfer & Bandwidth Usage

Domain Transfer

If the Registrant requires a domain name to be moved or re pointed then Queensborough Group reserves the right to charge this cost at the current minimum hourly rate. Once a domain or email has been transferred away from Queensborough Group the services will be discontinued and removed from our servers with immediate effect with no refunds.

Bandwidth Usage

Queensborough Group Hosting reserves the right to review and limit bandwidth on any hosting account package or domain exceeding 2GB monthly usage. Customers exceeding reasonable usage monitored by Queensborough Group Hosting will be given the option to pay for excess usage.

Hosting & Account Ownership

The billing contact, as registered with Queensborough Group is considered to be the account owner. Queensborough Group will not transfer ownership, content, or access to any other party without written consent of the registered Account Owner transfer fee may apply. We will link to your website from all of our accommodation guides, a reciprocal will be added from your website’s index page to a relevant page on one of our guides, this is for mutual benefit.

Queensborough Group take no responsibility for the content of the clients’ website and in no way endorse or approve of the text or images of the site. All images and other content on the site will be treated as the clients property and Queensborough Group can not be held liable if this content is not their true possession.

We do not provide websites for domains that do not display Q-Book Booking system as their primary booking software complete with a security certificate (SSL).

Fair Usage

Queensborough Group’s Fair Use Policy is designed to make sure that your service is good value, fast and reliable whenever you require. Our Fair Use Policy applies to all our customers but it’ll only actually affect you if you’re one of the very few customers who make inappropriate use of our services. We have the right to cancel the agreement if there is an inappropriate use.

Uptime Guarantee

Queensborough Group offers a service uptime guarantee for the Queensborough Group Services, which provides for a credit to You in the event the total availability of Queensborough Group hosted web pages falls below 99.97% (“Uptime”). If You can demonstrate to Queensborough Group’s satisfaction, in Queensborough Group’s sole discretion, that Queensborough Group has failed to maintain the Uptime, You may contact Queensborough Group and request a credit for that month proportional to the amount of downtime, to be put towards the purchase of future Queensborough Group Services. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash, and are exclusive of any applicable taxes. The credit does not apply to service interruptions caused by (i) periodic scheduled maintenance or repairs undertaken by Queensborough Group from time to time; (ii) downtime caused by You; (iii) outages that do not limit browser access to Your web site (for example, interruptions to your ftp service or e-mail); (iv) suspension of Your account due to legal action taken or threatened against You or Your Services; (v) suspension of Your account due violations of the GT&C, as determined in Queensborough Group’s sole discretion, including but not limited to excessive use of system resources, non-payment or other billing issues, or identification by the abuse team as fraudulent or otherwise in violation of the GT&C; or (vi) causes beyond the control of Queensborough Group or that are not reasonably foreseeable by Queensborough Group.

Legal Action

Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Queensborough Group harmless in any legal action which arises as a result of Customer’s use of Queensborough Group services, without limitation or exception including, but not limited to any action brought against Customer by a third party.

Headings, Modification & Entire Agreement


Headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and shall not be used to interpret or construe these provisions.


Queensborough Group reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice, and Users agree to be bound by such changes. It is the responsibility of Users to check these Terms and Conditions regularly for any changes.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement supersedes all Agreements previously made between the parties pertaining to the subject matter of this Agreement. There are no other understandings or Agreements. Failure to properly notify Queensborough Group via e-mail, telephone or regular mail of disagreement with the above terms and conditions will constitute Customer’s acceptance of same.

Joomla, OSCommerce and WordPress Hosting

It is your responsibility when you use CMS software such as Joomla, WordPress, and OSCommerce to keep the software up to date.

You need to make sure that you always have and update the latest version of the extensions whenever there’s a new one. Keeping your Joomla, OSCommerce and WordPress extension up to date both helps improving security at high level and makes your website run faster.

Besides updating Joomla, OSCommerce and WordPress extensions, using trusted extensions is the important part of securing your Joomla website. Before installing any extension, you should check: how many people downloaded/reviewed the extension. If the number is small, you should find another one instead. Don’t forget to see the reviews by other users.

Access to Services, Renewal and Payments

Our services will automatically renew unless otherwise cancelled by the accommodation provider or Queensborough Group, once a service has been cancelled we will securely remove all booking data from the server for data protection, the booking data is kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary. It is the sole responsibility of account owner to insure that they maintain their own booking data backup.

By using the Queensborough Group services you agree to the auto-renewal service which is an easy and convenient way to ensure that your services always remain protected. With the auto-renewal service the products we supply will be extended automatically before it expires, thereby providing you with seamless protection against loss of service, If funds have been deducted for a service that you have not canceled using our designated cancellation process within our ticketing system, no refunds will be issued.

In order to continue receiving services from Queensborough Group, it is essential to have an active and valid Direct Debit arrangement, regardless of the invoice date. All our services are paid through Direct Debit, and you will receive prior notification of the collection date and the amount to be debited. If you choose to cancel your Direct Debit, it will be assumed that you no longer require our services, including any that have already been paid for. As a result, all services will be terminated, and any data associated with bookings, mailboxes, and website hosting will be permanently deleted from our servers, without the possibility of recovery. Please note that resuming services will involve setup charges, which could include establishing connections with third-party providers.

There maybe some services that we remove, this could be due to the service being obsolete or not viable for Queensborough Group we will always offer at least 20 days notice before termination of service, Queensborough Group assumes no liability for loss of revenue in the event of closing down services.

If any monies are outstanding Queensborough Group reserve the right to remove all services paid or unpaid until the outstanding payments are made in full.

Spam Policy

* Notice concerning mailing lists, unsolicited mailings (spam)*

Queensborough Group strictly prohibits the use of their servers to send or relay unsolicited mail (spam). If any domain hosted by Queensborough Group, participates in the sending of unsolicited mail, unsolicited bulk mailings, unsolicited spot mailings or any other form of mailing commonly known as spam, the domain will be cancelled immediately and all access to Queensborough Group will be terminated. Termination of the hosting account on our servers applies regardless of the source/server the mail is distributed from. Queensborough Group hosting does not support the practice of spam and will terminate their association with any company hosted by our servers if that company has been identified as the source of unsolicited e-mail/spam regardless of the originating server. All information stored on Queensborough Group servers will be removed immediately, DNS will be terminated, and mail will be sent to the abuse desk of the domain’s ISP. There are no exceptions and no second chances.

Mailing lists hosted on Queensborough Group servers are not to be used to develop unsolicited mailing lists or bulk mailing lists. Activity flowing through the SMTP servers hosted by Queensborough Group is monitored continuously and new security features and monitoring techniques are being installed in order to detect and prevent unauthorized use of Queensborough Group hosting SMTP servers.

Please report domain abuse by contacting Queensborough Group via the contact form click here.

Conditions of Q-Book: Booking system

You will ensure that, to the extent that it is within your reasonable control, the Information displayed on the booking system and accommodation guides are correct and up to date at all times, including prices, details on room availability and all other relevant property information. Queensborough Group will be using this Information to drive bookings to Your accommodation. If the Information You provided is wrong or misleading, You agree to indemnify Us against any loss, liability or costs incurred by Us however arising as a result of Your failure to comply with this obligation. Neither Queensborough Group nor our business partners can accept responsibility for any incorrect or over-bookings which result from Your failure to update the booking system and accommodation guides. Queensborough Group will refer any disputes or complaints relating to the guests stay at your accommodation establishment to You for resolution.

In the event of an incorrect or over-booking caused by Your failure to comply with the above obligation, You shall find the guest alternative accommodation of equal or better standard than the original accommodation establishment, provide complimentary transport to and from the new lodgings and make good any variations in the rates charged by the new lodgings.

There is a timescale enforced which states that the Q-book system should be the only booking system and fully integrated into your main website in a prominent position on your front page within 1 month of activation. (Need assistance please call 01204 373710), if this is not adhered to, we will deactivate the system. If at any time after the initial integration, Q-Book is removed, we may deactivate the system immediately. Please make sure you have removed all the clients’ details before you remove the booking link from your website. PLEASE NOTE: Once deactivated all booking data deleted, this is to protect all parties involved against potential misuse.

No payment of compensation and no reimbursement of any cost or expenses you or your clients may incur as a result of using the Q-book software booking system. By agreeing to use this software you are also agreeing that no compensation will be payable.

A part of Q-Book is our free channel manager (Q-Connect), if users of this service do not adhere to the obligations of Q-Book they may incur a charge.

Q-book will become inactive if payments are overdue from invoice date.

Q-Book client information may be used for marketing purposes, this is for the benefit of UK accommodation providers.

Q-Book users must have their Privacy Policy installed to use access Q-Book.

Failed Payment due to Direct Debit cancellation or insufficient funds will result in your account being removed and a fee of £25+VAT will be charged on top of the monies already owed. Please note that if a direct debit is removed from the account it will automatically refuse you access to the booking system.

Online Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. – All adverts can be updated or amended at any time at no charge through our admin panel.

2. – The advertiser assumes all liability for all content (including text, illustrations, graphics, trademarks or other copyrighted matter) of all material.

3. – Queensborough Group reserves the right to reject advertising, which it feels, is not in keeping with the web site.

4. – Queensborough Group shall not be responsible or liable for loss of profit, loss of business or any other consequential damages as a result of any error or omission in or of an advertisement.

5. – Queensborough Group does not accept liability for any failure or technical issues that limit access to the web site.

6. – Queensborough Group makes no representations as to the accuracy of the content of advertiser’s material.

7. – The Advertiser will be invoiced in full upon the commencement of the Contract Period. This invoice must be paid in full within 30 days.

Cancellation Policy

1. – Advertisers can cancel their contract at any time and the associated adverts will be removed.

2. – Advertising fees are not refundable.

Registering a domain names ending in .uk

When registering a domain names ending in .uk, you are also entering into a contract with Nominet, please see their Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration at https://www.nominet.uk/go/terms

Complaints and Appeal Procedures

Queensborough Group is committed to ensuring our customers receive a high standard of service. We also appreciate that, with a large customer base, sometimes issues arise that need to be addressed. Your comments are important to us. We rely on feedback from our customers to identify the root causes of complaints. This allows us to put things right for you and ensure improvements are made. We aim to do this quickly, efficiently and within 3 business days.

Stage 1: Contacting us – If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service, then we would like to hear from you. Many outstanding issues can be resolved informally by discussing the issue with a member of staff. The support agent who deals with your query will aim to resolve any outstanding issues and reach an amicable resolution.

Stage 2: Escalating your issue – If the service dept helping you is not able to assist please ask to speak to account manager. If a account manager is available they will be happy to talk to you to discuss your case. Managers are available on main working days during business core hours. Account managers do however attend meetings and may not be available at that time. If an account manager is not available, please provide your contact details to the agent for a call back when a manager is available.

Raising an Appeal – If after discussing any concerns you are dissatisfied with the response provided, or the way your issue has been dealt with, you can lodge an appeal by writing to the below address, detailing your account details and the outstanding complaint.

Customer Satisfaction Department
Queensborough Group
14 Bury New Road

Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing or via telephone within three working days of receiving the complaint. An investigation will be carried out into the issues raised and a full response will be provided within ten working days.

Where the issue is particularly complex it may take longer to respond. If this is likely, we will provide information on the action which will be taken and advise when you can expect a full response.

Please note that Queensborough Group has a duty to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff. To this end we will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour by customers which is targeted to our staff. Unacceptable behaviour would include, but is not limited to the following actions:

Aggressive or abusive language,
Foul Language,
Refusal to co-operate
Unreasonable refusal to co-operate

We would request that Customers cease using abusive behaviour. If we are of the opinion that a Customer is using unacceptable behaviour to our staff, then the following actions can be taken by Queensborough Group:

Immediate restriction of communication with the Customer
Immediate termination of the Agreement between the parties

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