Channel Manager for your campsite to Hipcamp

Are you looking for a Channel Manager for your campsite to connect to Hipcamp? As you probably already know, Hipcamp (formally Cool Camping) is one of the industries leading advertisers and produces bookings for campsites and landowners all over the world. Listing with our Channel Manager means you can accept bookings from Hipcamp, as well as all your other OTA's and not risk overbookings or having to manage multiple diaries. You have already got plenty to take care of - pitch maintenance, event planning, washroom cleaning etc. Why not let our Channel Manager do the hard work and support your bookings? Free yourself time and do what you do best - running a truly awesome campsite - happy campers all around! It's vital for your campsite to have visibility on the most recognised OTA's such as Hipcamp, Campsites, Pitchup, Airbnb, Booking.com, Google Hotel Ads and many more to stay competitive.
In other words, you need optimum exposure and the risk of overbookings removed from the equation. Simple! So! Look no further than our Channel Manager for your Campsite. Q-Book's Channel Manager works in real-time and instantly updates all OTA's. All new bookings, modifications, and cancellations (hopefully not too many) will instantly update Q-Book effortlessly. Busy Campsite (we do hope so)? You can easily adjust prices, manage occupancy, sell extras and receive bookings on the go! A Channel Manager helps to reduce admin and makes overbookings a thing of the past. Our Channel Manager just became your camp manager/best friend! Did we mention, we only charge from 20pence a booking? Hello! No brainer! Let your guests pitch up, get the fire pit going and enjoy themselves as they enjoy their zero-stress booking. Meanwhile, you can enjoy buckets of bookings all effortlessly waiting for you in your fully responsive Q-Book calendar - that you can access from anywhere - even in the middle of nowhere - just you and the sheep! Baah! Happy Q-Booking!

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Channel Manager for your campsite to Hipcamp

Spare pitches? Not for much longer!

Things not filled up as quickly as you expected? No problem! Make empty pitches into full pitches. Don't bust a gut! Use our Channel Manager and update prices/minimum stays to increase occupancy and supercharge revenue!

Extras to sell? Maximise your campsite revenue potential!

Firewood, marshmallows, disposable BBQs - whatever you can think to sell! The possibilities are endless. Give your guests the option to purchase extras during their booking and reap the rewards of extra rev!

Extra charges for extra campers? Occupancy-based pricing made easy :)

Set your base price and maximum occupancy and charge in pounds or percentage for extra campers until the limit is reached. Maximise selling potential and make it as clear as day for bookers.


Imagine this. As the weekend beckons, you can see a sea of empty pitches. Sad face! How do you resolve such a conundrum in time for super Saturday? It's easy! You pop into Q-Book, reduce rates and minimum stays and defeat any obstacle which stands in the way of bookings coming through thick and fast. Go, campsite warrior, you! Keep your eye on the competition and trends in the area and make quick adjustments accordingly. If you don't want to reduce the price (fair doos), optimise Q-Book's full potential by creating special offers and promotional codes. This allows your customers to bag a bargain they can't refuse! Of course, if you want to reverse any changes - it's a quick click of a button. Feature-rich Q-Book provides the tools you'll need to expand your campsite and generate as many bookings and revenue as possible. Sounds good, right? Join today and let Q-Book run your campsite for you. You won't look back! If it's not for you, don't sweat it - we operate a no-contract policy. You are free to come and go as you please, but we're sure you'll stick around!


Aside from staying on one of your excellent tent pitches, how about giving your customers the opportunity to enhance their booking/stay. We're sure you've probably already thought of everything but, Additional Services (extras to sell) can really make a difference when it comes to extra revenue. Often, we see our campsites charge for additional cars, gazebos, awning, pup tents, day visitors, early arrivals, later checkouts etc. As you can see, these are extras that don't cost anything to you but produce instant revenue for your business. If you are not doing this already, we hope this inspires you to make the most out of your campsite and sell the heck out of it!! You are in complete control of your Additional Services. You can choose how many are available, which pitches they apply to, and which days of the week they are available. In a nutshell, we're giving you all the tools to sell your campsite like a pro!


Set your base price with ease and give your guests the option to add extra adults and/or children to their booking. The increase can be in either £'s or % depending on what you want the rate to be. You can decide the amount you want to charge for additional guests and set a maximum occupancy so that your pitches won't be overloaded. Setting occupancy-based prices means that from the booking page, your guests can use the filters to bring results that apply to the occupancy suitable. If the desired occupancy isnt available, the search result will also show alternative options; prompting the customer to explore alternatives and providing a better chance of securing a booking. Occupancy-based pricing is another opportunity to maximise your revenue potential. In addition to all the extras you can sell via the system, you're well on your way to a full campsite and extra pennies. Happy Q-Booking :)

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