Booking System for Hotel

Is your Hotel in need of a shiny new Booking System? Look no further and make the change today across to Q-Book. Switching systems is easy; you certainly won't regret it. As a Hotel owner, you're probably always exploring ways to drive direct bookings to your accommodation? Well, you can stop all that and let Q-Book give you a helping hand.

Our Booking system functions beautifully and cleverly so browsers can't help but commit to a booking. Too often we see booking software that is complicated, outdated and deters prospective guests. Q-Book is quite the opposite - engaging, straightforward, no-nonsense and built to generate commission-free bookings.

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Booking System for Hotel

Good looking technology

Our Hotel booking system makes booking accommodation straightforward. It's easy for browsers to lose concentration and navigate to OTA's if the booking process is cumbersome! Q-Book engages with online audiences, increasing your direct booking opportunities.

For best prices book directly!

You can customise the wording on the Q-Book booking button but, for good measure, we automatically display 'check best prices'. It's not rocket science but, it tells your guests from the get-go, that they won't get a better price elsewhere.

Do your rooms justice!

Q-Book enables you to sell your Hotel rooms to their full potential. Within Q-Book, you build your rooms with images, descriptive content and facilities. What you submit to Q-Book, determines how you display to your customers, so make it count! We'll help :).

Encourage website visitors to stay!

Is there anything more catastrophic than a guest landing on your Hotel website eager to make a booking and then they suddenly leave and book through an OTA!? Unfortunately, for some, this is not a nightmare but, in fact, a reality! Hotel owners face this problem when their Booking Software isn't up to scratch! Too often, we see clunky, overcomplicated, dull software; this isn't the future of online booking! With Q-Book, your Hotel can expect user-friendly, automated and seamless booking software; your guests deserve the best after all.

Booking direct is best and so are commission-free bookings!

How do guests know if they are getting the best rate for your Hotel? With so many OTA's and comparison websites, it's easy for your customers to get overwhelmed! All your guests want is a room, at the best price and that's it! For this reason, Q-Book makes sure that booking directly will guarantee your guests the best deal! In plain sight, we guide our Q-Bookers to use terminology on their websites that organically develops into commission-free bookings. 'Book directly for best prices', 'You won't find a better price elsewhere' & 'Free early check-in if you book directly'. Basic, but encouraging. Q-Book Account Managers will always be on hand with helpful suggestions to increase room rev.

Are your Hotel Rooms displaying their full potential?

As a Hotel owner yourself, have you ever turned up to a Hotel and been pleasantly surprised? You've already booked online, seen what the Hotel and rooms look like, but they're even better when you get there? Yes, it's a bonus, but, it means the Website you booked the Hotel with, is displaying out of date information. It's always better that guests are surprised for all the right reasons, but, it makes you wonder; is your Hotels online visibility up to date and as good as it could be? Q-Book will always prompt you to add images, descriptions and prices wherever they are missing! Our prompts make sure that visually, you appeal to guests online. Subsequently, you reap direct bookings.

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Hotels
  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • Hipcamp
  • Pitchup
  • Campsites.co.uk
  • VRBO
  • Cottages.com

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