Caravan Park Management And Campsite Booking Software

Delight tourers and tent putter-uppers with Q-Book! Operate a seasonal spot? No drama! Q-Book will accept bookings and manage availability and payments even when your staff have finished their seasonal stint.

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Happy campers (and caravanners) all year round!

Reap the staycation and beyond! Q-Book does all the hard work, your guest's pitch up and enjoy the outdoors :)

Fully responsive from every device

Fully responsive, beautifully designed - intuitive camping online booking software. We literally have thought of everything!

Full control of rates and restrictions

Stormy weather predicted? No problem! When attacked by the elements, you can quickly adjust prices via rates and restrictions to lure those who don't mind the rain.

It is human nature to forget.

We are all guilty of packing the roof box to the brim but, still, somehow managing to forget something? Q-Book provides functionality to sell extras to your guests; this can be whatever you like! Extra items such as - firewood, BBQ packs, gas and anything you can imagine selling via Q-Book. Your guest's have a great stay and can free up car space knowing their additional items are waiting for them on site. The best bit -you generate extra revenue!! If you can source it, Q-Book can sell it! Of course, Additional Items display perfectly and clearly on confirmation emails and everything invoice & report related. You have control of Additional Items! Their availability, cost, quantity available, what pitches they apply too and when they can/cannot be purchased. For example, somebody can book a pitch, pay extra for electricity & a fee to bring a gazebo and/or furry friend. All booking extras will populate Q-Book. Team Q-Book understand that OTA’s can consume a wealth of bookings so, dutifully, we have to do whatever we can to find a balance. For this reason, we know that Additional Services will guarantee revenue without the sting of commission. We even include Additional Items via Q-Book Free, our free online booking platform.

Bookings on the move. Responsive & user friendly :)

Q-Book is designed in such a way to accommodate bookings on the move. Your customers never stay in one place for long, so it's paramount to offer booking software that suits where your guests access the internet. The vast majority will pop out their smartphone and get browsing! Q-Book sits on your website and is responsive to every device (tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops). In simple terms, Q-Book will adapt to the screen size your browsers use to view your website. Have you ever tried to book online using booking software that isn't responsive to mobile devices? It truly is a disaster and can be a turn off for your customers! Luckily, your campers/caravanners will not experience this issue if you opt for Q-Book to manage your campsite or caravanning touring site. As we are dead set on generating as many commission-free bookings for you as possible, we understand how important it is to keep browsers on your website. Battling a non-user-friendly booking platform results in loss of interest and patience and increases the likelihood of OTA bookings. A real stinger when they could have booked directly with you.

Accidents happen - damage recovery is super important. Don't get caught short!

As Q-Book offers multiple payments gateways, all with validated card information as standard, this is a real lifesaver if you need to charge a guest after they have departed your camping/caravanning site. Mistakes and accidental damages are just a day in the life of the tourism industry - sad face! But, having the means to charge for those mistakes is a valuable and everyday part of running a camping/caravanning business. We offer three gateways, which will help. Stripe (great for start-up businesses) and those who don't have or want a merchant account. Sage, which connects directly to an existing merchant account e.g. Worldpay, Elavon, First Data etc. And finally, Q-Card. A gateway whereas Q-Book validates card information, ready for you to process via your card terminal. If you opt for Sage or Stripe you can make excellent use of our automatic payments service at no extra charge. Auto payments automate deposits and outstanding balances without lifting a finger. This includes the option to auto invoice your guests too. This way, everybody knows where they stand payment wise.

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